Motion Picture News (Sept-Oct 1916)

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October 21, 1916 MOTION PICTURE NEWS 2559 " Pat's Pasting Ways." (Nestor. Fri., Oct. 20.)— Pat Rooney is the bill poster who, being prohibited the use of stationary objects as stands, takes to pasting his advertisements on animals, is the center of this comedy, which is of fair value. Marcia Moore and Jane Bernoudy are others who appear. Charles J. Wilson, Jr., prepared the scenario. " Beans and Bullets." (Joker. Sat., Oct. 21.) — The old Joker cast consisting of Gale Henry, William Franey, Charles Conklin, Lillian Peacock and Milburn Moranti, are somewhat lost in this comedy prepared by Harry Wulze. It is staged in Mexico and is burlesque throughout, but the business and tricks perpetrated by the cast are not as funny as in the older jokers. " Main 4400." (Victor, Two reels. Sun., Oct. 22.) — A light comedy in which a young man to be near a nurse of his liking who is employed in a lunatic asylum, pretends insanity. This is taken from a story by Mary Ryder in which there were many humorous possibilities, all of which have been well realized by those concerned in its production. Herbert Rawlinson and Agnes Vernon have the lovers' roles, while Carl von Schiller and Harold Mathews render support. PATHE EXCHANGE, INC. " In the Mesh of Her Hair." (Pathe. Two reels.) — An old-style picture about which everything is so frankly elementary that its crudeness will spoil it for those of better tastes. * It concerns itself with the romance of a wealthy writer and the daughter of a fisherman. They are separated by the man's mother for a time and both suffer all sorts of tortures during this period. A reunion brings the picture to a close. The cast includes Eleanor Woodrufif, Paul Panzer and Irving Cummings. "The Grip of Evil." (Balboa. Two reels. Fourteenth Episode.) — The last episode of this serial, entitled " The Answer," shows the millionaire in the hands of a gang of crooks who contemplate killing him unless he gives them money. What does he do but touch all their hearts by pleading to them in behalf of their mothers. Later he comes to the conclusion that humanity can be reformed if an interest is taken in it. His wedding with Grace Cos, the social worker, ends the picture. " Heine and the Magic Man." (Starlight.) — Heine goes into a theatre where a magician is doing tricks. He succeeds in showing him up, ahd then a general riot starts that resembles the usual riots of Mr. Mittenthal's pictures to a close degree. " In the Isle of Kuyuschu." (Pathe. Split reel.) — Ordinary views of this Japanese island are shown here. They are in color, but would appear to better advantage in black and white, as the process used in the coloring was not a good one. On the same reel with " Athletic Movements." with a rapid camera. Here we have tennis, spiral ball, rope jumping and other sports shown a good many times slower on the screen than they are actually played. On the same reel with " In the Isle of Kuyuschu." WEEKLIES Selig-Tribune, No. 80. (Thurs., Oct. 5.) — Fire works damage on St. Charles Bridge, Missouri; celebrate two hundredth anniversary of Boston Light, oldest light house in country, Boston, Mass. ; athletic tournament held by Penn State militia, El Paso, Texas; forest fires destroy timber and oil tanks, Newhall, Cal. ; observation balloon. El Paso, Texas; public school aquatic games, San Francisco, Cal. ; Penn State militia at Mt. Franklin, Texas. Selig-Tribune, No. 81. (Mon., Oct. 9.) — Society women play at bowls, San Francisco, Cal. ; burial services of German Zeppelin crew killed in England air raid, London, Eng. ; John Aitkens w'ns Astor Cup race, Sheepshead I5ay Speedway, New York; horse show at Bryn Mawr, Pa.; and other events. Pathe News, No. 80. (Wed., Oct. 4.) — National Guardsmen return, Jersey City, N. J. ; test of U. S. hydroplane ends disastrously, New York City ; Jack Aitken wins Astor Cup, Sheepshead Bay Speedway, New York; President Wilson reviews troops from Texas, Sea Girt, N. J. ; German interned cruisers transported from Newport News, Va., to Philadelphia, Pa. ; farmers confiscate milk, Brewster, N. Y. ; Winston Churchill makes address, Chelmsford, Eng.; Russian troops on eastern front; animated map of allied offensive. Universal Animated Weekly, No. 41. (Wed., Oct. II.) — Pig pens inside city limits abolished, Philadelphia. Pa. ; train wreck kills two, injures sixty, Cleveland, O. ; camera gets Army football game. West Point, N. Y. ; entire town of Astoria, Ore., raised by braces; one-man submarine, Los Angeles, Cal. ; King and Queen attend Life Guards' field day, Sunningdale, Eng. ; Duke of Connaught in Montreal, Can. ; world series ball players; film men visit President Wilson and Mr. Hughes. Hearst-International News Pictorial, No. 79. (Tues., Oct. 3.) — Baseball scenes in connection with major league pennant chases; Serbian army at Salonika, Greece; German interned cruisers removed from Virginia port to Philadelphia, Pa. ; President Wilson at Shadow Lawn, N. J. ; German submarine, Bremen, Germany; nets for catching torpedos tested, Newport. R. I. ; behind German fighting lines on western European battle front ; Harvard football team defeats Bates in opening game of season, Cambridge, Mass. ; John Aitken wins Astor Cup Race at Sheepshead Bay Speedway, New York. "Athletic Movements." (Pathe. Split reel.) -More of those vastly interesting pictures taken Reel Life, No. 22. — In addition to the baseball game, which is a reproduction of a world's series game last season, there are two other interesting subjects. One shows " The Wood Workers of the Southern Mountains." The otlier records adventures during " A Night with a Police Dog." The wood workers are mountaineers, who with a few simple tools make furnitpre that is notable for its strength and real beauty. There is nothing ornate about the various pieces, but each is a charming example of simplicity in design and construction. In recent years frequent publicity has been given to the efficient work being done by dogs trained for police service. A typical night's work of orie of these four-footed guardians of the peace is shown. The manner in which the dog is sent scouting by the officer it accompanies, and how it has been trained to meet any emergency, is vividly portrayed. " See America First." (Mutual Magazine. Oct. 4.) — This reel is devoted to the fine old Southern city of Baltimore, which contains so many monuments, parks and squares. Druid Hill Park, Mount Vernon Place, the beautiful new home of the Johns Hopkins University, the inner harbor with its fleet of oyster boats, and the magnificent public buildings are among the more important views recorded by the camera. On the same reel with Baltimore there is a Gaumont Kartoon Komic entitled "Abe's Opossurn." Harry Palmer has allowed his fancy to run riot in this picture and the result is just one sustained laugh. NEW INCORPORATIONS The Corporation Trust Company, 37 Wall street, New York, reports the following new corporations : In Delaware: „ „ MUTUAL FILM CORPORATION OF ILLINOIS; manufacture talking and producmg motion pictures; capitalized at $200,000 in Dover; incorporators are J, R. Freuler, Milwaukee, Wis. ; S, S. Hutchinson and Samuel M. Field, Chicago, ^"triangle FILM AGENCY, PHILADELPHIA, INC. ; to operate motion picture film exchanges; capitalized at $250,000 in Dover; incorporators are James M. Satterfield, L. B. Philips and M. M. Hirons, all of Dover, Del. LA SALLE FILM CORPORATION; manufacture of moving picture machines ; capitalized at $50,000 in Dover; incorporators are Samuel B. Howard, L. H. Gunther and Arthur W. Britton, all of New York City. In Illinois : RIVERSIDE AMUSEMENT COMPANY; operate places of amusement; capitalized at $2,500 in East Dubuque; incorporators are Wm. E. Ellwanger, Wm. Hughes, M. F. Leisser and Frank F. Sheean, all of Galena, 111. LA SALLE FILM COMPANY; manufacture moving picture films; capitalized at $10,000 in C^hicago ; incorporators are P. A. Grau, F. L. Bateman and J. H. Koehler. ARGO GRAND AMUSEMENT COMPANY; operate a place of amusement ; capitalized at $2,500 in Argo; incorporators are Chas. C. Pyle, Edward Hope and Wm. A. Jennings. In New York : ROMANA PICTURE CORPORATION; manufacture of motion pictures; capitalized at $5,000 in Manhattan ; incorporators are Wm. P. Chapman, Jr., 39 Clarcmont avenue, N. Y. ; Stanley D. Brown, 162 W. 76th street, N. Y. C. ; Percy W. Phillips, Southampton, N. Y. YOU CAN'T AFFORD To disregard a photo-drama dealing with the topic that is the mainspring of the Presidential campaign "MY COUNTRY FIRST" Throbs with Timeliness. SIX GREAT PARTS Bristles with Thrills. Startles with Climaxes TOM TERRISS JILL WOODWARD AND HELENE ZIEGFIELD \ FEW NOTES FROM AN OVERWHELMING CHORUS OF APPROVAL M. P. NEWS: "Timely and acceptable picture. Story uppermost in public mind now." M. P. WORLD: "Up to the minute. Swift-moving — thrilling. Tom Terriss's work very powerful." M. P. MAIL: " Very much of a success. Unusually competent cast_and director. Absorbing story, photography." Great VARIETY: " Powerful six-reeler. Great photography. Strong story. Brilliant star and cast." TELEGRAPH: "Dramatic story. Every device to produce a thrill. Aeroplane escapes add to excitement. Terriss splendid." DRAM. MIRROR: " Title and theme chosen with wise judgment for public feeling. Will be box-office magnet." SOLE DISTRIBUTERS FOR V A D 1 17 TV rillVIQ rnDDflDATiriM LOUIS ROSENBLUH, Pres NEW YORK AND NEW JERSEY VAIVlEilI riLlYlO \./UI\rUI\i\llUll Telephone, 9300 BRYANT EXECUTIVE OFFICES, 126 W. 46th ST., NEW YORK CITY