Motion Picture News (Jan-Feb 1922)

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By this Sign Shall Ye Know Good Short Subjects In 1921 Educational released more good short subjects than any other company* For 1922 we offer the strongest list of quality short subjects, of established box-office value* CHRISTIE COMEDIES New Series TORCHY COMEDIES New Series MERMAID COMEDIES CAMPBELL COMEDIES New Series New Series TOONERVILLE COMEDIES By Fontaine Fox "SCENICS BEAUTIFUL” New Series "WILDERNESS TALES” By Robert C. Bruce By Robert C. Bruce "WORLD WANDERINGS” Unusual Pictures of Unusual Places SKETCHOGR AES CARTOON S By Julian Ollendorff FIRST NATIONAL KINOGRAMS The Visual News of All The World And Specials Like THE BATTLE OF JUTLAND All Are Among Educational ’s Nationally Advertised Short Subjects EDUCATIONAL FILM EXCHANGES, INC. E. W. HAMMONS, President