Motion Picture News (Jan-Feb 1922)

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January J , 1922 345 Are Losing Money Prove to Me That You Are Really Losing Money and Universal Will Cut Its Prices to Save Your Life You never needed Universal more than you need it today. And today it makes the bonafide offer outlined above. If other companies follow suit, so much the better. But if they don’t, Universal stands back of the proposition with every bit of its resources. The only exception I make is our million dollar picture “Foolish Wives”. I’m going to get every dollar I can for that production because I’ve GOT to. You need no diagram to show you why. I don’t believe any exhibitor will begrudge paying record prices for the first real million dollar picture in history. Some of the biggest showmen have offered me their theatres on my own terms as an appreciation of what “Foolish Wives” will mean to the whole moving picture art. But outside of that one picture, I say again Show the nearest Universal representative your books. Prove to him that you are in bad shape during these present times, and I will authorize him to make a deal that will pull you out of your hole and at least let you live. Understand clearly, the Universal Company, although the strongest in the business today, is feeling the terrific pressure of the present times. We are in exactly the same boat as many of you are in. Times are tough. But we are probably better able to finance ourselves through troublous times than you are. That is why I take upon myself the burden of this offer. I mean this from the bottom of my heart, and there is not one single string to my offer! My cards are on the table. Shoot ! , UNIVERSAL FILM STiSws