Motion Picture News (Jan-Feb 1922)

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368 Motion Picture News “A Gripping Drama Marshall Neilan, after viewing this picture made the following statement. Read it : Los Angeles, Calif. Mr. Thomas H. Ince Hollywood, Calif. Dear Mr. Ince: Ho doubt so many persons have told you this picture represents your greatest achievement that in expressing the fact that this is my belief I am merely repeating the consensus of opinion of those who have been fortunate enough to see an advance presentation of this wonderful picture. While I rejoice in the thought that this production is a great personal accomplishment for you, at the same time I cannot help but say. that the production represents even more than this to our industry in general, for it is indeed an achievement for the American motion picture world. It is a photoplay that every woman in the land should see and entertainment that every man and youth will enjoy. A7vT (Signed) MAHSHALL HEILAH Speaking of Thomas H. Ince’s American Drama of Today “HAIL *■ WOMAN yy with one of the strongest casts ever assembled. Look it over. Florence Vidor Gertrude Claire Vernon Dent Mathilda Brundage Lloyd Hughes Madge Bellamy Edward Martindel Eugenie Hoffman Theodore Roberts Tully Marshall Charles Meredith Muriel Frances Dana By C. Gardner Sullivan Directed by John Griffith Wray Photographed by Henry Sharp Supervision of Thomas H. Ince Released on the Open Market