Motion Picture News (Jan-Feb 1922)

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January 7 , 1922 369 That Will Draw Big ! Read every word of what this Unbiased Publication says: Exhibitors Herald EXHIBITORS HERALD TTai/ the Ur Hail Th a dip fjr cast. ,rrt sc,f '■ Sss* stes-. 0rd buys Off Carried and R an‘ «J»erd^hr« Sn"i?”" ««. ,ini ^«stg?S5 the sZnCe VidorniiTrr0w-^ndBdk^ his aione. ^s her {^Tr’’s Gertrude O, . 6 Wor^ aff TeT^dnZ inter DaWrf m,ernber of Hughe, seJf' « >-»■ couth ^ ^arsha 11 ajs rieTtf'P little T check f0 , W°^ ^ * "«aii c^e^e KT“jd ^ stisstif 11 th and Judith eniands c nC0?' L I I O f r^eba/an r°/e °f * dil CeP Hona"; /r/g0r' rf'd f HuWe/’ D Ven do"'n fo no st«aJI pyarf°°d and eac?ana' was e*! femW0fnaV' 7:^ of %**? taintnent. as exquisite _ °f Hail forThe p,ctnre ha . ^ enter" s^3l!Fas ?ong “Sfij, j$f given 1/ff *athe? Ti, Uiireehnp . ihestorv^_. y pov #£S«a*SS33: carec ^ ^ r°om ^ccjdentp 7f a s?o t land. 'Twined 1 "" <‘e day M r«oy. ““ba3ebbef I" ?«dffld£,O0”7 Wife? «<'on. co1:4f«;v> &g&S*p& fh’s child . Th h,S s,n and reeo0n?re the hom» .-there js , . ec°gnjZes Beresford defif Pn'°r to7^at,c scene • « o?,t' SaS goes j lhe bouse^Pts to turnhursb and . ■ ti^thherr* de^&yfUdJ$ Available All Exhibitors Distributed by Assoc iat e d First National Pictures, Inc*