Motion Picture News (Jan-Feb 1922)

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370 Motion Picture News JACKIE Takes all New ARTISTRY AT ITS HEIGHT “ Every spectator in the Strand cheered and laughed. Jackie is quite in a class by himself in the film world. The simple realism of Jackie’s art is everything. The consummate facility with which this child submerged himself. his fidelity to life and the everlasting naturalness of him annoyed me. His artistry is at its height in this picture.”— Joseph Mulvaney in the New York American. NEVER SO DAZZLING “ Jackie is a ple'asing performer and the director has been careful to use him for the most part in stunts which are perfectly familiar to the boy. But Jackie has never seemed so dazzling since he appeared without the leadership of Charlie Chaplin. In “ The Kid ” the boy was a little new moon.” — Neze York World. HIS BEST PICTURE “ Jackie proves himself the only genuine child star, going through the important game called acting with the earnestness it calls for. He plays with unspoiled naturalness and a variety of moods. ‘ My Boy ’ has far greater pretentions than his preceding vehicle and actually gets somewhere.” — Neze York Herald. JACKIE IS REMARKABLE “ Jackie Coogan is a remarkable child actor.” — New York Tribune. HIS VERY BEST “ Jackie Coogan holds forth at the Strand this week in a big way. He returns the same lovable little chap because he has not yet learned any acting tricks. But he is more entertaining than in the past, because he has a better chance. “ This picture, ‘ My Bov,’ has a more sentimental appeal than did his other pictures, for in it he is not oniy the mischievous, prankish youngster acting with disarming naturalness, but, as the saying goes, ‘ He loves and is loved.' “ Indeed, the picture is a triumph not only for the ‘’leading man,’ but as well for the ones who created the story and the one who directed the efforts of this irresistible little genius. “ Jackie himself is truly at the Strand — there except for the power to speak. He lives his part and in it find-. expression for his personality. Other children appear on the screen, but they are just children and perform without showing particular individuality. But Jackie is gifted of the gods physically and intellectually and the best that can be wished for him this new year is that he will not be taught ‘ acting ’ by us mortals.” — New York Globe. BIGGEST PLAY IN CITY “ The Strand has the outstanding film feature of the week in ‘ My Boy.’ Jackie Coogan’s second starring vehicle.”— New York Evening World. A JOYOUS PHOTODRAMA “ Christmas week at the Strand is a joyous affair, because little Jackie Coogan appears there on the screen in his third photoplay and his second starring vehicle. Jackie is a touching little figure as the little immigrant who lands in New York an orphan, his father having died in France, and his mother succumbing to the disease which was raging aboard the ship that brought them to the land of promise. Homeless and hungry Jackie follows a crusty old sea captain. By his lovable personality and his willingness to help in the household duties he wins his way into the stony old heart of the old salt. Adventures aplenty make Jackie’s life one of excitement and devoid of monotony. The old sea captain is admirably played by Claude Gillingwater. The production was directed by Victor Heerman and Albert Austin.” — New York Evening Telegram. “ 1 My Boy ’ is a pleasing, sentimental comedy. It is worth seeing, partly because anything that Jackie Coogan doe> on the screen is worth seeing, and partly because the boy has more to do personally here than in previous films. “ The boy possesses enough individuality and art to stand by himself.” — New York F.z’ening Journal. Oh Boy! Wait ’Till You 7 im