Motion Picture Reviews (1930)

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ly looses his reputation and his girl. The picture is interesting of its type, but the moral values are rather too obscure to recommend for children. ADOLESCENTS, 12 to 16. CHILDREN, 6 to 12. Not Recommended. No. SEVEN DAYS LEAVE. Gary Cooper, Beryl Mercer. Direction by Richard Wallace. All dialogue. Paramount. Adapted from the stage play, “The Old Lady Shows Her Medals,” by Sir James Barrie, the picture achieves its purpose — delightful and thoughtful entertainment. It is the story of a lonly and patriotic old lady who, during the World War, adopts an embittered young soldier, and of the measure of happiness her faith brings him. Beautifully acted, satisfying as to story and direction, it is highly recommended. ADOLESCENTS, 12 to 16. CHILDREN, 6 to 12. Excellent. Good if Not Too Mature. SO LONG LETTY. Charlotte Greenwood. Direction by Lloyd Bacon. All dialogue with interlo- lated songs. Warner Bros. This production is a broad farce based on the theme of two husbands who decide to exchange wives. The wives connive to teach them a lesson and convince them that they are, after all, more suited to their legal mates. Charlotte Green- wood’s comedy is hilarious and the hu- mor is typical of the theme, which is not in the best of taste for children’s edifica- tion. ADOLESCENTS, 12 to 16. CHILDREN, 6 to 12. Hardly Suitable. Not Advised. SO THIS IS COLLEGE. Elliott Nugent, Robert Montgomery. Di- rection by Sam Wood. All dialogue. M.-G.-M. Two college fraternity brothers are rivals for the same girl, but find friend- ship for each other the stronger tie. It is entertaining and wholesome fun. ADOLESCENTS, 12 to 16. CHILDREN, 6 to 12. Good. Good. SOUTH SEA ROSE. Lenore Ul- rich, Charles Bickford. Direction by Allan Dwan. All dialogue. Fox. Previously reported in preview in No- vember. It is a fantastic melodrama built up to present the star’s special type of appeal. It will not greatly interest critical adult audiences and cannot be recommended for children. ADOLESCENTS, 12 to 16. CHILDREN, 6 to 12. Unwholesome. No. TANNED LEGS. Arthur Lake, June Clyde. Direction by Louis Sarecky. All dialogue. R. K. 0. Musical comedy of very slight enter- tainment value for adults and which is not the type to recommend for children. ADOLESCENTS, 12 to 16. CHILDREN, 6 to 12. Vulgar. No. UNTAMED. Joan Crawford, Ern- est Torrence. Direction by Con- way. All dialogue. M.-G.-M. Preposterous story of the adjustment of a product of jungle civilization to su- per-sophisticated New York society. There is nothing in theme or characteri- zation to recommend it. ADOLESCENTS, 12 to 16. CHILDREN, 6 to 12. Unwholesome. No. — 5 —