Motion Picture Reviews (1943)

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MOTION PICTURE REVIEWS JANUARY FEBRUARY 19 4 3 FEATURE FILMS Air Force Amazing Mrs. Holliday, The Cabin in The Sky Chetniks Cinderella Swings It Flight For Freedom Forever and a Day Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man Happy Go Lucky Henry Aldrich Gets Glamour Hitler's Children How's About It? Ice-Capades Revue Immortal Sergeant, The In Which We Serve It Comes Up Love Keeper of The Flame Margin For Error Meanest Man in The World, The Quiet, Please, Murder Shadow of a Doubt Sherlock Holmes and The Secret Weapon Silver Skates Something to Shout About Star Spangled Rhythm Tarzan Triumphs Time to Kill They Got Me Covered Three Hearts For Julia We Killed Hitler's Hangman Young and Willing SHORT SUBJECTS Army Chaplain Brief Interval Film That Was Lost, The First Aid Marines in The Making Mr. Smug People of Russia Women At Arms THE WOMEN'S UNIVERSITY CLUB LOS ANGELES BRANCH, AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN ENDORSED BY A. A. U. W., CALIFORNIA STATE DIVISION 15c Per Copy Sl.OOaYeaT