Motion Picture Story Magazine (Aug-Dec 1913)

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THE VITAGRAPM EAGLE VITAGRAPH Photographs of All the Leading Vitagraph Players 7x9 inches. Price 20 cents each Vol 2 FEB to, 1913 t9 FEB 28th, 1918. No 12 "subscription price, «i.oo a year " rTr:^. THEWAGf|AMOTfAN?0jAMEf9CA CHICAGO PARIS ^ mtijr 'i|i'i life mill I't!"!!'! "iWj" .'.il''W I'li With stories of all its " Life Portrayals." It is extensively illustrated with pictures of the plays and portraits of the players. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE. ONE DOLLAR A YEAR A full description of the making of Moving Pictures, profusely illustrated. Show^ing every detail employed in every department of the work. PRICE. TWENTY-FIVE CENTS Address PUBLICITY DEPARTMENT, THE VITAGRAPH COMPANY OF AMERICA East 15th Street and Locust Avenue, Brooklyn, New York Special Two-Part Vitagraph Feature Productions Every Saturday During September : Saturday, September 6th, " When Women Go On the Warpath," in Two Parts ; Saturday, September 13th, "The Lost Millionaire,'* in Two Parts; Saturday, September 20th, "Our Wives,*' in Two Parts; Saturday, September 27th, "Under the Daisies," in Two Parts. WATCH FOR THEM AT YOUR LOCAL THEATRE