Movieland. (1950)

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Paging Sir Walter Raleigh! My outfits in “Impulse” are darling — but I always had to have help when I crossed this puddle. to my surprise, Florence, my sister from Canada whom I hadn’t seen for some time, was there, too. And, of course, my two big, strapping, handsome brothers, Jimmy and Charlie. Every time I see these two the more convinced I am they should be in pictures. The house has six bedrooms, but it was absolutely bulging with laughing, talking O’Hara’s. Almost the minute I arrived we started to eat. Not that that’s anything new in our house. Ireland, of course, is still on strict rations. Bacon, for example, is al¬ most impossible to get, but you can have all the eggs and most kinds of meat you want; Sweets are hard to find and butter and tea are strictly rationed. The worst of all is that you’re allowed only one bar of soap a month— and that’s for washing clothes as well as yourself. Bronwyn, my little daughter, and my sister’s son have been having a wonderful time tearing things up properly. The whole family was terribly excited when I told them that I had been granted an audience with the Pope. I’m to see His Holiness before I leave for America. At a big press interview, arranged for me by Bruce Woodhouse, I was lucky enough to meet the Archbishop of Westminster. The way the meeting came about was really ( Please turn to page 78) 51