Movieland. (1950)

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«.*** «» l»9 »»* * Hollywood has always had a few year-round skating rinks; but they’ve usually been patronized by im¬ ported Eastern relatives who’ve already tumbled onto the fact that a figure-8 doesn’t necessarily refer to Jane Russell! Suddenly, all Hollywood is agog over the “new” sport, and if you drop over at the Pasadena Winter Garden any night during the week, you’ll find the younger set learning the ups and downs of ice skating. They may not be competition for Sonja Henie, but they do have lots of fun! This is one way to stay on your feet! Hollywood’s gay blades may be new to the ice, but they sure are catching on fast ! ► 1 Tony Curtis took a ribbing about his long hair until he described scenes from Universal’s “Sierra” (which he’s letting it grow for). Peggy adopted Tony’s trip-and-run tactics, and sent him sprawling. She’ll soon be seen in the Universal picture “Woman in Hiding.”