Moving Picture Age (Jan-Dec 1920)

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38 MOVING PICTURE AGE November, 1920 Booth Tarkington's motion picture stories of boy life have proved beyond question the greatest comedy productions of the screen. In the field of clean, wholesome, realistic fun — untainted by the slightest element of slapstick or vulgarity, they stand alone. Their genuine literary flavor, their exceptional portrayal by real boys and real girls and their absolute purity of plot, admit them every wheie. Two shining reels of delightful, infectious humor. AT NEAREST GOLDWYN EXCHANGE BOOTH IMKINGTONS *t7he Adventures and Emotions of Edgar Pomeroy EDGAR CAMPS OUT Directed by E.MASON HOPPER Produced by Goldwyn Studios Please say, "As advertised in MOVING PICTURE AGE," when you write to advertisers.