Moving Picture World (Dec 1920)

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/i genuine Fairbanks novelty ! That is what you can promise your audiences when you announce your run of “The Mark of Zorro.” Action, romance, mystery, thrills and comedy in fullest measure — all the elements of the Fairbanks successes of the past, yet in a more picturesque and colorful setting than any release you have yet had from this idol of the masses. “The Mark of Zorro” justifies the most enthusiastic and widespread exploitation; you can feel certain that it will delight the most exacting audiences and make even your box-office smile the famous Fairbanks smile. December 5^ DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS' j/ewest Production "THE MARX OF ZORRO" Prom the, JJll Story Weekly MvelVhe Curse cf Capistrano by doknston J(c Culley Directed by FRED NIBLO UNITED AQTISTC CO QPORATION MAR.V PICKFORD • CHARLIE CHAPLIN • DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS ■ D.VGRIFFITH HIRAM ABRAMS, PRESIDENT