Moving Picture World (Dec 1920)

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XjEONCE PeRRET presents Empire of Diamonds FROM THE NOVEL BY "VALENTIN MANDELSTAMM Through the ages men and women have perished in the fire of the diamond ; thrones have been overturned, countries laid waste, and peoples have been massacred under its spell. With this theme in a modern day setting a powerful motion picture filled with heart gripping action and suspense has been created. It is a great American story in a world setting. For the first time in the history of motion pictures a production has been achieved with every scene taken in the exact locations called for in the scenario. Monte Carlo, Nice, Paris, London, New York, and the broad sweep of the Atlantic form the actual background for the story, and the company of noted artists under M. Leonce Perret visited all of these places in the creation of the picture. WITH AN ALL-STAR CAST INCLUDING ROBERT ELLIOTT, LEON MATHOT, LUCY FOX and HENRY G. SELL? Directed by Leonce Perret