Moving Picture World (Jan-Feb 1925)

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630 MOVING PICTURE WORLD February 14. 1925 4 4 Haven’t missed Now is the time to h These big, new stars mak 12 furious 2-reel frolics of fun, featuring a year “Consistently Good” Released thri WANDA WILEY " Thank you particularly for Wanda Wiley — she looks like the best comedy bet on the market,” writes M. Mandelbaum, of the Virginia Theatre, Cleveland, 0. As beautiful as they make ’em, and funnier than you’ve ever seen before, Wanda Wiley has hit the high spots of the comedy field with a rush ! Her first release was booked for, and made a hit at the Rialto Theatre, Broadway and Street, New York. Others have been booked over the entire Loew, Lubliner & Trinz and Comerford circuits, as'’well as many other splepdid first run key city theatres. See Wanda Wiley in the fdllo.wiii^ releases now in your Universal Exchange: ' '' i, ' V