Moving Picture World (Nov-Dec 1927)

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MOVING PICTURE WORLD 3 November 5, 1927 Your Theatre, Anywhere, U. S. A. Home of Paramount Pictures ? yes they are all paramount pictures f "CHANG” with its thrilling climax, the fren- zied stampede of a herd of elephants, is a Paramount Picture. So is "THE ROUGH RIDERS”. And that won- derful story of brotherly love, "BEAU GESTE”. "METROPOLIS”, the fascinating glimpse into tomorrow’s universe. "THE WAY OF ALL FLESH” in which Emil Jannings gives such a marvelous performance. "JESSE JAMES”, "FIREMEN, SAVE MY CHILD”, "SWIM, GIRL, SWIM”, "TELL IT TO SWEENEY”, "A GENTLEMAN OF PARIS”. The "FIGURES DON’T LIE”, "SHANGHAI BOUND” are Paramount Pictures, too. Clara Bow in "HULA” and "GET YOUR in "BARBED WIRE” and "THE WOMAN ON TRIAL”. Paramount! Paramount! Paramount! No wonder so many people think all the good pictures seething drama of gangster warfare, "UNDERWORLD”, are Paramount! And they are not so far wrong either—at least all Paramount Pictures are good pictures! And they w T ill be still better tomorrow when you are seeing "GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES”. HAROLD LLOYD, "BEAU SABREUR” and all the others. EXHIBITOR SERVICE: Send us a photo of your theatre. We will reproduce it in place of the cut of “ Your Theatre ” above and then furnish you free with a complete mat of this ad for newspaper use. Also full page or half page mats con- taining all of Paramount’s 100% Program and a prominent display space for your theatre names. Address Advertising Department, Paramount Famous Lasky Corp., Paramount Bldg., N. Y. C.