The Moving picture world (June 1921)

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482 MOVING PICTURE WORLD June 4, 1921 William Newberry, Kinema Theatre, Los Angeles draws big crowds zvith First National Pictures. THAT'S ANOTHER REASON WHY ntwrell be a Franchise every wh&S. "A Money Maker If There Ever Was One'* That's a point on which all the re- viewers have agreed. And They're Right! For it's cleanin£4' up in all the big cities from coast to coast as fast as it's being shown. • MARSHALL NEILAN />rejenfjRandall ParHAV Bd> Hampton Of Placer Scenario by Marion Fairfax Tremendous scenes; stupendous photo- graphic efifects; hordes of Rlackfeet, Sioux and Crow Indians and a regiment of U. S. Cavalry in addition to a big star cast; a breathless melodrama with striking battle scenes, including Custer's last fight; full of life and fire, love and adventure. Photographed by Jacques Bizeul and David Kesson; Art Director, Ben Carre. Foreign Representative, David P. Howells, Inc., 729 Seventh Ave., New York City. A First National Attraction