The Moving picture world (June 1921)

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502 MOVING PICTURE WORLD June 4, 1921 Adolph Zukor Is Re-elected Chairman of Producers' Division of N. A, M, P. L THE fifth annual meeting of the pro- ducer and distributor members of the National Association of the Motion Picture Industry was held at the headquar- ters last week. The following directors were nominated by the producers for elec- tion at the annual meeting to be held in June: William A. Brady, William Fox, Sam- uel Goldwyn, D. W. Griffith, Morris Kohn, Carl Laemmle, Oscar A. Price, R. A. Row- land, Joseph M. Schenck, Lewis J. Selz- nick, G. B. V'an Cleve and Adolph Zukor. In the absence of Chairman Adolph Zukor Gabriel L. Hess, of the Goldwyn Pictures Corporation, acted as temporary chairman. Adolph Zukor was unanimously re-elected chairman of the division, which position he has held for five years. Richard A. Rowland was elected vice-chairman and Frederick H. Elliott, secretary. The distributors' division immediately fol- lowed the meeting of the producers and the following were nominalcd as directors representing this division, to be elected at the annual meeting: Hiram Abrams, W. E. .Atkinson, R. H. Cochrane, R. S. Cole, Lee Counselman, E. W. Hammons, Gabriel L. Hess, Al Lichtman, C. C. Pettijohn, Saul E. Rogers, Percy L. Waters and J. D. Williams. Percy L. Waters was re-elected chairman of the distributors' division; Lee Counselman, vice chairman, and Frederick H. Elliott, secretary. The following resolutions on the death of Franklin K. Lane was unanimously adopted by the meeting: "Honorable Franklin K. Lane, former sec- r tary of the interior, and chairman of the -\mericanism Committee o4 the Motion Pic- ture Industry of the United States, has gone to his reward after a life of useful- ness. As a public official, he commanded the respect of all with whom he came in contact. In his private life he endeared Goldwyn Branch Managers in Convention at Culver City Formed New Sales Plan GOLDWYN'.S sales convention ended Sunday, May 22, when the last of the special trainload of film folk were de- posited in the Far East of the United States. For nine daj's the convention was held at the Goldwyn Studios in Culver City, Cali- fornia. Bj* days there was business dis- cussion and by nights there was much . banqueting. Many things were accomplished at both business meetings and banquets, A new idea in methods of sales will result, and the exchange of ideas on the part of the executives and managers was most vital to the Goldwyn Company. The advance pictures on the Goldwyn fifth year list were reviewed and applauded by the men who have to get the contracts. The ronnd-up affair of the convention was the banquet at the .Xmbassador Hotel on Thursday night, May /19. Senator James J. .Walker of New York was a special guest and in the course of his speech, he em- phasized the importance of the Goldwyn get-together at the studios. "For the first time," said the Senator, "the men who sell the pictures are conferring with the men who produce them. The men who sell them arc closer to the public, be- cati^f th, V ar, rloscr to the cxliihilor wlm is the pulse of the public. The industry will never get on a real basis of business until other picture companies follow this Kreat example." Other speeches were made by F. J. God- sol, Abraham Lehr, A. S. .^ronson, Alfred Weiss, and J. G. Hawks. The Goldwyn party started its tour to the studios on May 4. It ended on May 22. Twenty-eight Goldwyn managers and executives took the trip. Reports given out while the convention was on show that never in the history of the company has the success of the fourth year group of pictures been approached. Figures from all sections of tlie country, including first, second and third run the- tres, indicated that the leading productions of the fourth j'ear will enter the fall season as strong favorites. Many requests are being received for repeat bookings and from exhibitors who missed play dates when the pictures were first issued. There are at least twelve productions that bid fair to far exceed the customary life of a photoplay, it is reported. Topping the list are "Madame X." starring Pauline Frederick, from .Alexandre Bisson's stirring emotional drama: Basil King's "Earthbound," and "Scratch My Back," the l-iupert Hughes' comedy. himself to the hosts who were numbered among his friends, because of his genial, kindly dispesition, which characterized him to a fullness rarely found in men. Of high typ nobleness of purpose, sincere to the point which marked him one for reverence, he will be not only missed but mourned for as one whose place cannot be readily filled. "Resolved, that this expression of sorrow be spread upon the minutes of the National Association of the Motion Picture Industry, be suitably engrossed and duly authenti- cated by the president of the National -Association, and copies transmitted to the widow of the late Honorable Franklin K. Lane." Supply Division Meets .\t the fifth annual mfeeting of the general and supply and equipment divisions the following directors were nominated by the general division for election at the annual meeting to be held in June: Fred J. Bee- croft. Paul H. Cromelin, John C. Flinn, Paul Gulick, .Arthur James, Martin J. Quigley, Fred Rothenberg, P. H. Stilson and Thomas G. Wiley. Fred J. Beecroft was elected cliairman of .the general division, Paul H. Cromelin vice-chairman and Julian Solo- mon, secretary. Plans were discussed for a campaign for numbers for this division, to be formulated for special consideration at the annual meeting on June 8. A resolution of sym- pathy was adopted extended to the widow of the late James L. Hoff. Al the meeting of the supply and equip- ment division the following were nominated as directors representing this division, to be elected at the annual meeting: Harry N. Allen, Jules E. Brulatour, Willard B. Cook, B. J. Knoppleman. H. T. Edwards, Walter J. Moore. E. M. Porter, Will C. Smith and L. P. Weber. J. E. Brulatour was re- elected chairman of the supply and equip- ment division; Walter J. Moore vice-chair- man and Frederick H. Elliott, secretary. Theatre Consolidation Near .Announcement of the consolidation of the Lynch and Cooley chains of theatres at Tampa, Fla., is expected within the next few days. Mr. Cooley has just returned from .Atlanta, Ga., the headquarters of the Lynch firm. Meanwhile the Alcazar Theatre, the principal Lynch theatre in Tampa, has shown the United Artists' Mary Pickford picture, "The Love Light." United .Artists' pictures previously have been shown exclusively at the Strand, one of the Cooley theatres. The Strand, on the other hand, has shown a Justine Johnstone Real- art picture. Realart pictures previously have been seen only at the Alcazar. MARION FAIRFAX CALLS IT "THE LYING TRUTH" Th^'!T f"*''"!'"^ "f'^' production, and how are we to conclude in these scenes ivhether truths or lies are beine spread broadcast ^ The young ge„t m the oval seems sincere enough. -But," says Marie, the stenog.. "you never can tell about these sZothZngue^^^^^^^