The Moving picture world (June 1921)

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Juanita Hansen in "THE YELLOW ARM" with Warner Oland and Marguerite Courtot \ -A, The Problem of Pleasing the Largest Number of People That exhibitor is successful who knows how to please the largest number of persons in his audience. There is always a small minority which is interested in things which are '"over the heads" of most per- sons. That minority will read serious essays, philosophy and study the human mind. But you can't talk to Tom, Dick and Harry of such things. When it comes to the "high- brow stuff" they pass it up. They prefer an exciting story of romance and adventure. They want thrills. They want action, lots of it. And they want The same goes for pictures. Show a feature which is a problem play and a few will tell you that it is great. But most of your crowd are going to yawn their way out. Put on a Pathe serial and you'll have them coming men, women, children, old and young Most per- sons lead rather dull lives. They hunger for contrast. Pathe serials give it to them. And when you hear the whoops of joy you will know that the problem of pleasing the largest number of persons is not so hard after all,—i- you show Pathe serials! Begin with "The Yellow Arm." Produced By George B. Seitz, Inc. Copyiiehl by Pathe 1921