The Moving picture world (January 1923-February 1923)

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January 20, 1923 MOVING PICTURE WORLD I 28 Bausch & Lomb CINEPHOR Projection Lens A HIGH-GRADE optical product backed by Bausch & Lomb's 70 years of lensmaking experience. Made to produce the best showing of good films. Write for helpful Cinephor booklet or get one from your dealer. BAUSCH & LOMB OPTICAL CO. Rochester, N. Y. NEW YORK WASHINGTON CHICAGO SAN FRANaSCO LONDON Tonight — are YOU next? Tonight — every night — some exhibitor is losing several hundred admissions through failure of central station current. Scores moi-e are coping with dissatisfied audiences due to minor interruptions or uneven light. Expensive business, yes — but are you next? Not if you own a Four Cylinder Electric Plant Why not let us send you the booklet, "The Power Behind the Screen"? It tells how Universal Electric Plants have played their part in big box-office receipts from Ringling Bros. down. Write today. UNIVERSAL MOTOR CO. 15 Ceape Street, Oahkoth, Wi«. Mor0 U nixJ er^al Electric TIanl-t are U4ed by theatres tratimlin^ 4 ho tt>4, and circu4e4 than arty other Kind. A4K any ti4er. 'Ifr ji name of is synonymous 'HVitfi the best in i)audeOille Similarly, in the equipment of Keith Houses nothing is omitted that will contribute to the comfort and convenience of Keith patrons. And, as a matter of course, all of the Keith Houses are liberally equipped with DIXIE CUP ^enny yendin^^acfiines Silently, throughout performance and intermission alike, these machines provide patrons with white, round, unwaxed Dixie Cups, delightful to drink from — and SAFE. The service maintains itself without cost, and yields a well worth-while revenue to the House. Write for sample Dixies and details of Dixie Cup Penny Vendor Service. JiNDiviDVAL Drinking (vp (ompany.Inc ) Original Aakers^^/f^PaperCup , EASTON, PA. NEW YORK, N. Y. Wi.h Branches at PhiUdelphia, Chicago, Cleveland, Baltimore. Los Anfelei. THE VALLEN AUTOMATIC CURTAIN MACHINE Noiseless Positive Fool Proof Economical Guaranteed Pmtanted E. J. Vallen Electrical Company U SOimi CANAL STREET AKKON , OHIO FIRE! May result from badly installed electrical equipment vt poorly chosen materials. Hallberg's Motion Picture Electricity $2.50 Postpaid is a book that is as good as an insurance policy if you heed its advice and get the best equipment for your needs, mnd know how to have it properly installed. CHALMERS PUBLISHING CO. 516 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YOSK. If. T.