The Moving picture world (September 1924-October 1924)

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r John J. McKjeon «•"«»'■' orothy Da It on *nd JacK. Holi tn HE LOME WOLF .outs Joseph Var&Pp**^. Directed by S. E. V. Taylor I f9 )y Louis Joseph Vance With its great cast and great story no tvonder ifs one of the most tvidely praised pictures of the day "You're bound to get a thrill out of it." — Los Angeles Examiner. "Of more than passing interest. The suspense is good. None of the flavor of Vance's work is lost." — Los Angeles Herald. "Action-packed and a highly sensational tale." — Omaha Bee. "A lot of action, real suspense. There are thieves, spies, pearls, murders, inventions, secret/service agents, gendarmes, exciting chases, fights and hair-breadth escapes." — Omaha World-Herald. "All reports on this were good. Has what they're looking for, aCtion. Tone okay, Sunday yes. Good audience appeal." — R. J. Relf, Star, Decorah, Iowa, M. P. World. ASSOCIATED EXHI'BITO'RS Thyjical Distributor Tatbe Exchange. Inc. Arthur S. K.ane. "President Encore Foreign "Representative Sidney Garrett