The Moving picture world (May 1926-June 1926)

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AGAIN METRO-GOLD HE tuo scents below kept audiences shrieking with laughter. The picture has many such hilarious/)' cowuc-tnoments npH£ I am MARION AVI ES 'Silk pajamas — ah — ah GRAUSTARK CAPTURES PUBLIC AND CRITICS AT CAPITOL (N. Y.) " What could any girl do ? ANTONIO MORENO CRE1GHTON HALE ROY D'ARCY AND A BRILLIANT CAST Scenario by Agnes Christine Johnston from George Barr McCutcheon's novel directed by SIDNEY FRANKLIN "Marjon Davies scores hit as Beverly at Capitol. More like a Prince than the Prince of Wales. The escapades of Beverly are something you won't want to miss. Marion is our candidate for Queen of Screen Comediennes." —Etc. Qraphic "Roars of audience proved that Marion is the most adorable comedienne on the screen. This picture's a wow!" —Eve. Journal VWrryscorOniAnd'^everly of Gran* t ajr l! t \< i t h t> u\. *a rj y t"m i s g i v i n g s . " * * *** * * — Herald-Tribiwc "Marion Davies' impersonation of a boy is remarkable." — Morning Telegraph "'Tis royal flicker fare, sweetened tastily with romantic tidbits, spiced merrily with amusing situations. Marion Davies achieves a personal triumph." —Daily Mirror "I giggled shamelessly at the antics of Marion Davies." —Dailyhleu s "I am willing to wager it will be a popular box-office attraction because of bold touches of melodrama and exceptional comedy. "-N.Y. American .*.? 6 y* t: BJews bulletin : i Marion Davies in "Beverly of Graustark" is being held over 2nd big week at Capitol (N. Y.) A COSMOPOLITAN PRODUCTION PATRONS and press in highest praise. Vindicated my judgment in selection of this as opening attraction Cathaum Theatre. Capacity business." MAURICE BAUM, State College, Pa. EVERYWHERE! (TELEGRAM) MARION DAVIES in Beverly of Qraustark with two hundred people standing. Best picture Davies ever made. Audience wild with enthusiasm." JED BUELL, West Coast Lang/ey Circuit AND BROWN OF