The Moving picture world (May 1926-June 1926)

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318 Moving Picture World May 22, 1926 Hines Films for First National Qet Exploitation Boosts in South Where Driverless Spook Car Appears WORD comes from First National that the Johnny Hines "Driverless car" which is touring the Southern States under the pilotship of Murray Lafayette is proving to be a tremendous exploitation aid for exhibitors in the cities visited and that this direct tie-up with the current Johnny Hines comedy "Rainbow Riley," as well as the comedian's other releases is bringing capacity business to each theatre, resulting in an S. R. O. sign everywhere. A recent letter from Glenn Condon of the W. M. Smith Enterprises in Tulsa, Okla., states : "Just a line to advise you that we have had with us Mr. Murray Lafayette and the Johnny Hines "Driverless Car." We took a county police escort and a string of new cars, all properly bannered to Sapulpa, 15 miles distant and met him. We then escorted him to the city limits where we were met by local exhibitors, newspaper men, photographers, an aeroplane and city motorcycle police. We paraded the main streets and I doubt if any outdoor stunt ever pulled off attracted so much attention. Fortunately, we had 'Rainbow Riley' at our Rialto so the tie-up brought splendid direct results." A recent telegram from R. P. Allison, Denver, Colo., says, "Please accept my sincere thanks for your splendid cooperation in securing Johnny Hines' exploitation car for the opening of 'Rainbow Riley,' May 1st. Business great." A letter from John Paxton, Manager of the D. F. and R. Enterprises, at Wichita Falls, Texas, says : "The Johnny Hines Driverless car appeared on the streets of Wichita Falls this morning and afternoon and created a great deal of excitement." "Mr. Murray Lafayette of the Johnny Hines driverless car has been in our city for the past ten days and left this morning for Atlanta," says a letter from Montague Salmon, manager of the Capitol Theatre Co., of Macon, Ga. "I want you to know that during his visit here exploiting Johnny Hines, I was more than pleased to extend to him and your co-operation every courtesy possible. I am sure that Johnny Hines of First National obtained a considerable amount of publicity." F.B.O.Scenario Department Working Full Blast The scenario department of F. B. O., under the leadership of Production Editor J. G. Hawks and Scenario Editor Percy Heath, is working full blast on adaptations and continuities for the following pictures, scheduled to go into production shortly : "Kosher Kitty Kelly," a Gold Bond production, "Mullhall's Great Catch," Lefty Flynn's next vehicle, "The Girl of the Pampas," the next Evelyn Brent story, and "Collegiate," selected for the first picture in which Alberta Vaughn will star. JOHNNY HINES Without "The Brown Derby," but with the Johnny Hines Silver Loving Cup to be presented by Chris Buckley, owner of the Empire Theatre, Glens Falls, N. Y., to the winner of the coming Charleston Contest at the Empire. Completing "Masquerade Bandit" Tom Tyler will complete his next Film Booking Offices picture, "The Masquerade Bandit," within the week. This is the seventh of the series of eight Western pictures which Tyler is making on this year's schedule and was adapted by William E. Wing from an original story by Enid Hibbard and Ethel Hill. Robert DeLacey is directing. Dorothy Dunbar plays opposite Tyler. Hill on Toronto Trip Moxley Hill, general sales manager, Eastern Division, United Artists Corporation, is on a trip to Toronto in the interest of the expansion program of United Artists. Mr. Hill's present Canadian visit is primarily concerned with the five pictures to be released by United Artists early next fall, which are "Stella Dallas," "The Black Pirate," "Sparrows," "Son of the Sheik" and "The Winning of Barbara Worth." A DRAMATIC MEETING, AFTER MANY YEARS. Viola Dana and Robert Aenew are splendid in Marshall Neilan's production, "Wild Oats Lane," released by Producers Distributing Corporation. Head Cast of <(Fire Brigade" The major portion of "The Fire Brigade" cast has been announced by Irving G. Thalberg, studio executive of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios. According to his announcement Charles Ray will have the male lead; Marceline Day the feminine lead, and the other important parts will be taken by Lionel Barrymore, Bert Woodruff, Tom O'Brien, and the two Child Contest winners, Joyce Coad and Irene Butler. Wil liam Nigh will direct the story, which will be produced by Hunt Stromberg.