The Moving picture world (May 1926-June 1926)

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May 22, 1926 Moving Picture World 319 RUDOLPH SCHILDKRAUT The distinguished actor has quit the stage to appear in pictures under the direction of Cecil B. De Mille for release through Producers Distributing Corporation. Big Cast Chosen At "U" City for Qibson Productions AN unusually large cast has been signed to play in support of Hoot Gibson, who started production at Universal City last -week on "The Man in the Saddle." Two Wampas Baby Stars of 1926, Fay Wray and Sally Long, are members of the cast. Miss Wray is playing the lead opposite the popular star, and her "wampas sister" has a prominent supporting role. The cast also includes Charles Hill Mailes, Clarke Comstock, Emmett King, Lloyd Whitlock, Duke R. Lee, Sable Johnson, Yorke Sherwood, William Dyer and others. Cliff Smith is directing the picture from an original photoplay by Charles A. Logue. New Denny Picture Now Under Way At "U" City SOME four hundred extras have been working for several days in street scenes for "Take It From Me," the Reginald Denny starring production which William A. Seiter is directing at Universal City. The unusually complete set in which Seiter is filming scenes represents a block on a busy street. Facing on one side of the street is the entrance to a large department store, and the actual store set is built in position. Consequently, Seiter is getting some unusually realistic shots of the store with the panorama of the busy street as a background. Blanche Mehaffey is playing opposite Denny in "Take It From Me," and Ben Hendricks, Jr., Lee Moran, Oscar Beregi, Jean Tolley, Vera Lewis, Ethel Wales, Tom O'Brien and others are in the cast. Start Work on Chinese Scenes Of Fox Film "What Price Qlory ^TTtHAT PRICE GLORY" has gone into production with the shooting yy of the first scenes representing the Chinese sequence in which Sergeant Quirt shows his superiority to Flagg in the matter of capturing the hearts of women. Mr. Lowe, Mr. McLaglen and Phyllis Haver worked in the first scene of the picture, Miss Haver playing Hilda of China. In this sequence McLaglen is a corporal and Lowe a sergeant. Prior to the shooting of the first scenes, Captain Arthur St. Remie and Captain Louis Gallocher, commander and secretary of the French Veterans of the World War in California, heading a delegation of seventy-five ex-soldiers of France, who are at the service of Raoul Walsh, the director, and Winfield R. Sheehan, Vice President of Fox Films, inspected the sets. Lucien M. Brunswig, President of the Alliance Francaise and fifty members of that organization also visited the sets. It was the opinion of the French advisors Claude in "Clinging Vine" Toby Claude, that pint-sized comedienne who has played the stage the world over for the past fifteen years, has been cast for a featured part in "The Clinging Vine," Leatrice Joy's starring vehicle now in production at the De Mille Studio. Toby Claude will be remembered by New Yorkers for such stage presentations as "Fan Tana," "Belle of New York" and "Chinese Honeymoon." She has appeared in comedy roles in various revues all other America and Europe. that the sets representing Bar-le Due, capital of the Department of the Meuse, was the most accurate reproduction of a French town that they had ever seen. This opinion applied also to the sets representing the interior of Cognac Pete's and several chateaux which figure in the story. Sunday afternoon one hundred and fifty American war veterans visited the sets. They were particularly interested in the make-up of Victor McLaglen, playing Captain Flagg and Edmund Lowe, who is the Sergeant Quirt of the story. Lowe's transition from the suave leading man to the tough, but smooth marine sergeant, incited much complimentary comment. F. B. O. Buys Kyne Story Announcement comes from the Film Booking Offices of the acquisition of the screen rights to Peter B. Kyne's entrancing story, "Breed of the Sea," which will be presented as one of its Gold Bond productions early in the coming season. The story appeared originally as a serial in "The Saturday Evening Post" under the title of "Blue Blood and Pirates." Who is this mysterious man ? Where does he come from ? He is a terror, who moves in darkness ! See SNOWED IN A Mystery Drama of the High Sierras Allene Ray*Walter Miller Pafheserial — -rjr — Directed by Spencer Bennet Story by Prank Leon Smith