The Moving picture world (May 1926-June 1926)

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Moving Picture World 325 HARRY BERNSTEIN The General Manager of Red Seal Pictures is touring the country, opening exchanges as he goes. Bernstein, of Red Seal, Building a Chain of Exchanges THE first of a series of regional conventions was opened by General Sales Manager Harry Bernstein of Red Seal Pictures, Tuesday, May 11, in Cleveland. Following this convention, Bernstein will travel to the Pacific Coast where he will open a number of new exchanges to carry out President Max Fleischer's national series of Red Seal exchanges policy. Sales representatives of Red Seal's exchanges in Chicago, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Cleveland will attend. Bernstein will outline the salient selling features of the Fleischer product, and the newer product which Red Seal is now preparing for the coming season. Besides eight series of thirteen of each of the following : Ko-Ko Song Car-Tunes, Out of the Inkwell cartoons, Reelviews, Searchlights, Marvels of Motion, Gems of the Screen, Animated Hair Cartoons and Film Facts, there will be a series of thirteen two reel comedies titled "Carrie of the Chorus," a series of thirteen one reel magic reels titled "Keeping 'Em Guessing," a number of other specialty series and considerable special individual featurettes all made under the personal supervision of Max Fleischer. New Imperial Comedy Max Gold and Alfred Davis are again codirecting another Fox Films Imperial comedy, "Lafayette, Where Are We?" Ernie Shields and Jean Arthur are playing the leading roles, with Harry Woods as the villain. Pathe Short Feature Schedule For Week of May 23 A TRIO of screen favorites heads the cast of "Don Key," a Hal Roach tworeel comedy which tops the Pathe short feature schedule for the week of May 23rd. In addition to this comedy vehicle featuring Stuart Holmes, Jimmy Finlayson and Vivian Oakland, the week's program includes "The Golf Bug," a single-reel Roach comedy with Paul Parrott : chapter five of the Pathe serial "The Bar-C Mystery" ; "Liquid Dyna "Scooter" in" Our Qang" hV nceforth, you will please not refer to "Skippy." Pathe's "Our Gang" has issued this ultimatum concerning their new and intrepid member from New York, whose official cognomen is Elmer Lowry. He came out of New York branded "Skippy" Lowry, but "Our Gang" set about hazing him and the consensus of opinions was that he was always "scooting ' out of the way. His mother says he's always "scooting" around the corner. He "scoots" every place and doesn't seem to walk or run. So, his name is "Scooter" Lowry. And that's that, and he has forty pounds of pugilistic force to back it up, in case anyone wants to argue with him. "Our Gang" didn't adopt him — he adopted them and in his liking for them (conceived after several bearbattles), he decided to take the name they applied to him. He has notified Hal Roach and the studio in general, and they abide by his decision. mite," one of Aesop's Film Fables : Topics of the Day 21 ; and two issues of Pathe News. "Thundering Hoofs" is the title of the fifth chapter of the Pathe serial "The Bar-C Mystery" starring Dorothy Phillips. C. W. Patton produced this new serial for Pathe. "The Golf Bug" is a Hal Roach singlereeler with Paul Parrott which burlesques the famous business men's favoite game. Pathe Review No. 21 offers : "Feathered Fishermen," how the Chinese Izaak Waltons use cormorants to pull their quarry from the water; "The Man the Desert Got," a pictorial presentation of the famous poem, in Pathecolor; "The Lost Empire of Africa." second instalment of the Pathe Review's exclusive camera record of excavations in ancient Carthage by Count Byron Khun de Prorok's expedition. "Liquid Dynamite" is a typical Paul Terry creation of the Aesop's Film Fables series. Topics of the Day No. 21 presents the latest jokes from the press of the world. Two issues of Pathe News complete the May 23d Pathe short feature schedule. "Siveet Adeline*' Major Edward Bowes' palatial Broadway Theatre, the Capitol, played Max Fleischer's Ko-Ko Song Car-Tune special, "Sweet Adeline," beginning Sunday, May 9. This melody was directed by Dave Fleischer, of the Inkwell Studios, which makes all its pictures for Red Seal release. London Praises "Archer" The newspapers in London, England, unite in praising the Patheserial, "The Green Archer," recently shown in the English capital. Song Car'Tune "Good Bye My Lady Love" is the latest Ko-Ko Song Car-Tune to be put into production by Dave Fleischer, film director of the Inkwell Studios. This will be one of the current Red Seal releases. Part of the crowd who crashed Rachmil and Rimzel's Picture Theatre, The Premier, in Brooklyn, New York, where Ko-Ko's boss, Max Fleischer, made his first personal appearance in his home town — Brooklyn.