Moving Picture World (Jul - Aug 1918)

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296 THE MOVING PICTURE WORLD July 20, 1918 Wid says: "Any Boob can run a house for painted ladies, and get rich ... but very few people think that much of money." Furthermore, and of greal importance, it is obvious that new pictures of famous stars cannot profitably be produced if old pictures are allowed to compete with lliein under what the public construes as a new name and therefore a new picture. This, it is equally obvious, is destructive of the industry's normal and necessary development. S e c o n d 1 y and with equal emphasis, we point out that this c o n I r o v e rsy does not apply whatsoever to pictures properly re-issued. O O C]OeH : The re-titled re-issue attacks the life <>( the most gallant figure of the screen. Picture Play THE HART REISS1 I William S. Hart has published a strong letter asking exhibitors not to book certain productions beinj^ sold by "The W. H. Productions company," with which he has no connection. Hart asserts that these are old pictures, bein^; sold under new names, and that the public, seeing them advertised, thinks the pictures are new ones. The public, of course, suffers. So does Hart. We know nothing of the merits of the controversy. We do know that Hart does not object to the Triangle re-issues, which are not renamed. His newesl pictures, of course, are Artcraffs, It docs seem, however, .hardly fair to change the name of a picture, once it has been produced. If it is legitimate, however, we have stepped in to protest out of turn. We apologize. Hut if it is all right to do this with pictures, why couldn't a publisher put ;i new binding on (). Henry's "The Four Million," and sell it as (). Henry's "The Heart 6 f N e w York ■.'" It's the same thing, isn't it' 'II never find ;i home here. Nailing a Slander: Re-titled re-issues are not and never have been handled by First National Exhibitors' Circuit Exchanges as was intimated in a recent advertisement in the M. P. News. The "First National" is out to protect the reputations of the greal stars who are largely responsible for the popularit}7 of Motion Pictures and will continue to agitate the question regardless of whose pocketbook it affects. The First National Exhibitors!' Circuit, Inc., <> IV. 48th St., New York, N. Y.