NAEB Newsletter (Nov 1931)

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FROM DEM JAMES T. ROOD-, DIRECTOR OF STATION KOB, NEVI MEXICO COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND MECHANIC ARTS, STATE COLLEGE, NEW i EXICOj ’’During the ppst year we have not put on any plays here from the main studio of KOB, as we have no Department of Dramatic Arts, "However, for a number of weeks, on Wednesdays, we put on a play from our remote con¬ trol studio at El Paso, Texas, These plays were directed and put on by Mrs, Ball of the Department of English at Texas School of Mines at El Paso, Texas, No doubt, she will be delighted to give you full information about the success of the plays she directed for us, "During the coming winter we expect to put on several plays performed by a combined group of college and town people who have been carrying on a Little Theatre movement. Not till later will I know the titles of the plays they expect to perform,’ 1 (NOTE* A number of the stations have been corresponding with me relative to dramatic productions, etc. I would suggest that here is another valuable lead and the directors should get in touch with Mrs. Ball of the Department of English, Texas School of Mines, El Paso, Texas. I am sure that, she will be able to render valuable assistance to sta¬ tion managers as has been suggested by Dean Rood.) FROM MR, W. I. GRIFFITH', DIRECTOR OF RADIO STATION WOI, ENGINEERING EXTENSION SERVICE IOWA STATE COLLEGE, AMES, IOWA* ”W’e have not been very active in broadcasting pi*'ys, I feel this is a fine thing and a movement that should be encouraged. We had difficul¬ ty in getting any plays that wore worthwhile without royalty, ’’I suspect you already have a report from Higgy and know of the work of Miss Gwendolyn Jenkins at WEAO• I think their work in this line is outstanding ond will bo of interest to all member stations. ”1 assure you I will appreciate results of your labors in making this information avail¬ able, Do you know anything about the plays that are prepared by tho Hershey Play Company, 2157 Sargeant Avc., St. Paul, Minnesota? Their literature has come to my attention but I do not know how good it is.” (NOTE* I have made special effort to secure information relative to the Hershey Play Company of St. Paul, Minnesota. To date I have been unable to get information about their materials. Will any of the program managers or directors who have this information kindly supply the same to Mr. Griffith of WOI and at the same time supply this office with a carbon of your letter to him. It will help us complete our records relative to this request.) All member stations have received the TJEAO October bulletin offering special comments and listing special programs for the station of the Ohio State University, May I call to your attention the article below taken from page six of this bulletin dealing with the YJEAO. Players• It answers a number of requests that have reached my office from a number of individuals over the country and contains an excellent idea for any pro¬ gram manager or director to develop for his station in cooperation with the school of ' dramatic arts of his institution. It also establishes a direct contact with tho sta¬ tion’s audience since the listeners send in interesting anecdotes or stories of th&ir own forefathers and may, in turn, hoar them presented in dramatized form by tho station cast. The article is as follows* "The YJEAO Players are opening their fourth season of dramatic entertainment for the listeners of this station. Gwendolvn Jenkins is agein directing the group. Over 150 plays have been presented by the Players since their organization three years ago. A surprise this season is the announcement thpt mrtinees will be offered once inch week. The plays will be presented first on Friday night, then repeated the next Thursday at 4*10 P. M.