NAEB Newsletter (Nov 1931)

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- 4 - Apr. 22 - Gold Mask Players; '’Poets All.” May 6 - Gold Mask Players; ’’One Minute Past.” May 20 - Gold Mask Players: ’’The Londonderry Air." June 3 - Gold Mask Players; "Spreading the News.” June 24 - Gold Mask Players: "Allison’s Lad.” July 8 - Gold Mask Players: "A Marriage Has Been Arranged.” ”I sincerely hope this is the information -which you requested in your letter of Sept. 30.” (NOTE: We have written Mr, Duffey asking for complete details on the plays listed above. The following questions have been asked and as soon as he gives us a reply we will send the information in a bulletin to the members: 1. The amount of royalty, if any, charged on each of these plays. 2. In case no royalty was required how was permission secured from companies before plays were presented. We further asked for details so that other stations in the Association may use this list of materials pre¬ sented by the Gold Mask Players.) FROM A. A. APPLEGATE, HEAD OF DEPARTMENT OF PRINTING AND RURAL JOURNALISM, SOUTH DAKOTA STATE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND MECHANIC ARTS, BROOKINGS: "Although excerpts from a number of plays were given over station KFDY last year, only one complete play "Suppressed Desires" went out over the air. We found afterward we had to pay a royalty of $10 for the privilege of broadcasting the play. "We have found it particularly difficult to find plays suitable for broadcasting, as not very many voices can be distinguished by an audience and a long play does not go over well. From our standpoint broadcasting of plays is something of a fizzle.” (NOTE: We were quite interested in this communication in that the experience of Mr. Applegate has evidently led him to the conclusion that they will not attempt dramatic work over their station in the future. We have in the past experienced the same feel¬ ing that Mr. Applegate portrays in his communication. However, I feel that by cooper¬ ative work in the Association, we can establish an ideal situation, select and present materials designed particularly for radio use which will prove quite satisfactory.) Another very interesting letter has been received since the release of the last bul¬ letin from DEM JAMES T. ROOD, DIRECTOR OF KOB, NEW MEXICO COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND MECHANIC ARTS, STATE COLLEGE, NEW MEXICO: "The ideas and suggestions contained in your letter appeal to me very much and I should like to see them carried out, if possible. "The collection you mentioned as having been made by Miss Miriam Dearth should be well worth using by other association stations if you are in a position to send them on tour when you have used them. They should be of great interest to cultured list¬ eners, especially when broadcast from different stations of the association. Personal¬ ly, I find that educated people in every part of the country are interested in the history, the sagas, the folk stories and songs of all other parts of the country, expecially, as you say, where they are ’human interest stories.’ So I sincerely trust you may be able to work out this most attractive experiment. "Unfortunately for us, our funds have not as yet permitted us to work out any parallel set for this section that we could offer you or others in return for the use of such records or continuities from other association stations. Yet this region offers a. tremendous store of stories that could be worked up. That of Billy the Kid, Geronimo, the Spanish Conquistadores, the Santa Fe Trail, the finding of pottery revealing the presence here of artistic tribes five thousand years or more ago. "Surely there is a wealth of human interest stories that could be written for this part of the Great Southwest. And I know that other sections have equally interesting stories to tell*