NAEB Newsletter (Nov 1931)

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- 7 - .consideration of research pirns for projects that mi^ht bo carried on by the Committee* Perhaps the most ambitious reserrch undertaking pirn will bo rn extensive survey of college and University stations to bo made personally by Mr. Tyler, the secretary. This will involvo several months’ traveling, which should result in considerable in¬ formation of value. It might be well to suggest in a bulletin to our membership that every courtesy and convenience be extended to Dr. Tyler on his visit to stations of the Association. If any of our stations have suggestions as to what work the Commit¬ tee might do in addition to that mentioned above,' or any other matter, I shall be glad to present it to the Committee at the next meeting on December 11, 1931* The Service Bureau of the National Committee is doing very fine work in assisting our stations in their dealings with the Federal Radio Commission* The Service Bureau has on many occasions represented the stations at hearings with power of attorney in oase the stations are unable to send a representative to Washington* "The Radio Division of the Bureau of Educational Research of Ohio State University is now in action and Dr. Lumley is actively engaged in several research problems. One of these I believe the Association will be vitally interested in. He is attempting to evolve a standard form of listener questionnaire report. We are making certain experiments here in connection with our station, and very shortly will ask for the cooperation of other stations in order to prove the value of the questionnaire before it is finally released to all stations for their use. We have found such a mail ques¬ tionnaire of great value here, and I am sure that with further refinement it can be even still more valuable. ■I realize that the above suggestions and information are in r> very crude form* but T trust that some of them will be complete enough for you to pass along to our sta¬ tions in your next bulletin* <J Your special bulletin hrs ,iust arrived and I notice the remarks on the last few pages about radio drama. "In accordance with my promise I am sending you herewith the first radio play which Miss Jenkins of our staff has received permission to have distributed free to all college and university stations* This is a play that has been given several times over our station with considerable success and was written by Herman A. Miller, of our Department of English. ”1 am also enclosing copies of several letters which contain pertinent remarks on the production of radio plays. These letters are copies of correspondence relating to a radio play tournament which was held last spring here. It was highly success¬ ful, and. we are already planning on another tournament for this year* I think many of the suggestions contained in the letter dated February 18, 1931, will be of in¬ terest to stations planning radio plays, "I will forward several other plays as soon as we can obtain.the necessary permission to have them released and have a copy in shape for you. We will appreciate it if you will forward us several copies of each play* "Your bulletin was very fine, and is going to be of great importance to our stations I am sure* Keep up the good worki” (NOTE: Will you please refer back to Mr. Higgy’s comments relative to having plays sent to the executive secretary’s office, mimeographed at this office, and released to the members. Kindly give mo your reaction as to whether or not this would be a useful service for you. Vo will be very glad to mimeograph those plays that have proved a success for member stations and supply.the copies if you feel the material will be useful in your work. Also kindlv note the paragraph of Mr. Higgy’s letter relative to the National Committee’s work. It is quite important that all members of the Association keep acquainted with developments on the Fess Bill and any other bill that may be introduced in the House and Senate affecting educational broadcasting. Please note particularly his comments relative to the Bureau of Educational Research of Ohio State University. Note that Dr. Lumley of the Research Bureau is attempting to evolve a standard listener questionnaire report. Personally, I can think of no