NAEB Newsletter (Nov 1931)

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study that will prove as valuable to our Association as a study of this type. All members can indeed assist in this matter and supply the Bureau of Educational Research of Ohio State with valuable information. Please note also the fomment by Mr. Higgy relative to their radio play tournament held last spring over VffiAO. This is indeed an excellent suggestion for consideration on the part of the members. Mr. Higgy also states that those stations interested in a radio play tournament may be interested in a release sent out by their station dated February 18, 1931. I am quoting this release in full, as it contains some very valuable information that should be before program directors throughout the entire country.) The letter is as follows: "The interest arroused has necessitated a limitation of entries, since we are allowed just so much time on the air. This means that the f irst eight schools sending in registration blanks will be given the right to enter the tournament. And now that we are planning a definite allotment of time, a receipt of your entry is a guarantee of your being here at the scheduled time, n Ve will expect each group to be made up of students regularly enrolled in the school which they are representing; for this is distinctly a college project, fostered by Ohio State University in an attempt to extend to other Ohio schools an opportunity to investigate this new field of dramatic endeavor, ''Publicity will be given the tournament and we will expect pictures and ’copy' as soon as possible after notification of registration acceptance is given. "The play will be judged on selection of material, presentation, and the effectiveness of the broadcast. Professor Herman A, Miller, director of dramatics at Ohio State University, is chairman of the judging committee, and he will announce the winning play on May 1, at the regular YffiAO Players’ hour, 8:30 P. M. A suitably inscribed trophy will then be sent the prize group. "The following suggestions are sent you in the hope that they will simplify problems •onfronting you as you make your decision regarding entering the tournament: A. Selection of play, 1. The play should have a limited cast, which is carefully differentiated as to characterizations, and contrasting as to voice requirements. 2. The plot should be simple. Avoid complications which are difficult to follow. 3. The dialogue is nil important, end should have. lines that are meant to be spoken. Clear and definite exposition is essential. 4. Action must be such as can be translated into words, 5. The fewer the scones, the easier to follow. The use of too many scones gives an episodic touch to the broadcast that is undesirable, 6. A play with a ’sound’ basis permits the introduction of substitutes for lighting and staging. Music may also be used to suggest the emotional tone or background, 7. There is a definite time limit of thirty minutes, in which to present the play, 8. The play may be a one act play, a cutting of a longer play, an adaptation of a story, an original continuity, or a dramatization. Note that such group must assume the respon¬ sibility of securing broadcasting rights, and meeting any royalty requirements.