NAEB Newsletter (Nov 1931)

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- 10 - "We are of the opinion that your organization can render a valuable service to edu¬ cational broadcasting by drawing on the wealth of experience of your members. If your organization sees fit, we will appreciate having a committee appointed from your membership to cooperate with us in collecting and evaluating data on methods of in¬ struction by radio.” On the morning of October 28 I sent the following reply to Miss Goodykoontz: Miss Bess Goodykoontz Acting Commissioner of Education Washington, D. C* Dear Miss Goodykoontz: I have just received your letter of October 20, and before getting in touch with the other members and officers of the Association of College and University Broadcasting Stations, I am quite certain that all of the members will be pleased to assist the United States Office of Education in any way possible in the preparation of a publi¬ cation on the methods of instruction by radio. Within the next few days I shall send a bulletin to the members of the Association, quoting your letter and making sugges¬ tions as to thoir participation in the collection of these materials, I will be pleased to have you keep in touch with me and offer any suggestions you care to make from time to time. I feel that by the end of this season the Association will have been in a position to serve you in this capacity. Sincerely yours T. M. Begird, Executive Secretary (NOTE: It appeals to me that every station holding membership in the Association can supply the Commissioner of Education with excellent materials that will help in the preparation of a publication on the methods of instruction by radio. I will appreci¬ ate it if each station director will write her at the Washington, D. C., office and will also appreciate having carbons of the letters sent to my office relative to this matter.) FROM MR, D. LEMASURIER, MANAGER, STATION KFJM, GRAND FORKS, NORTH DAKOTA: M I regret the delay in answering your letter of- September 30, but I do not believe what infor¬ mation we have to offer will be of any value to you, "The only radio dramas we have broadcast were a sories of detective stories written for the Street and Smith Detective Story hour on the CBS. At this writing we are presenting weekly 1/4-hour mystery plays furnished gratis by ’Startling Detective Advantures’ magazine, of Minneapolis, "You may be interested to know that Ida Mitchol Roff, 2560 Eaton Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio, has a sories of dramatized Bible Stories, thirty minutes each, casts of from five to seven, costing $3,00 per episode." FROM MR. GARLAND POWELL, DIRECTOR OF STATION WRUF, UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, GAINESVILLE: "Your letter of September 30th was called to my attention upon returning to this office, I was very glad indeed to hear from you. "Y*e used last year several one-act plays that were given by the University Dramatic Club, the names of which I do not recall; however, I am sure of this, that there were no royalties on them. "The best source for the information you desire is'Mrs. Amondn H, Barnes,. Fort Lauder¬ dale Placers, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, "If I can help you in any way please advise."