NAEB Newsletter (Mar 1932)

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- 10 - "We are handicapped in one respect, however, as our school is composed entirely of boys but this problem is being turned over to our dramatic de par tire nt for solution. Keep up the good work." The folioring is a copy of a letter from Mr. S. Jones, Station KFDY, Brookings, South Dakota, addressed to Mr. R. C. Higgy, Ohio State University, Columbus: "Thank you for the tro plays rhich re have recently received from you through the cooperation of T. M. Beaird. We have not used those plays yet, but I turned them over to the Dramatics Department, and they are planning to stage the one entitled T An Ohio Enoch Arden’ over the radio, KFDY, in the near future. "Please keep us on your mailing list to receive both these plays and your program schedules of WEAO. Thank you." Belor is a copy of a letter from Mr. Daniel E. Noble, Station WCAC, Connecticut Agricultural College, Storrs, Connecticut, addressed to Mr. R. C. Higgy, Ohio State University, Columbus: "Fe rore very pleased to receive copies of the radio play - ’Underground Railroad.’ The play seems eminently suited for radio presentation and re plan to use it within tro reeks. At present, re are maintaining a weekly play schedule at FCAC, and re rore somewhat short of material when your play arrived. A regular service arranged to provide for the distribution of plays would bo a great help to the member stations maintaining a regular play broadcast schedule. "The play, ’An Ohio Enoch Arden,' was broadcast from our station last reek, and ras well received. "Probably - all of the members of the Association are not interested in the dis¬ tribution of plays, and I feel that the expense of such distribution should be borne by the members rho wish to be retained on the mailing lirt. The charge should be uniform and I suggest that the officers estimate the cost of distributing the mimeographed copies and charge the stations accordingly. I hope you ’.'ill nlan to have the service continued indefinitely and I am sure that the distribution”of a play each month would bo welcomed by all stations maintaining dramatic groups." Wo quote from copy of letter Hr. Michael P. Kinsella, Program Manager, "HAD, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, sunt to Mr. R. C. Hiffgy, Ohio State University, Columbus: "We have received your second radio play ’The Underground Railroad’ rhich re shall use in the very near future. ’An Ohio Enoch ^rden’, rhich you sent us some reeks ago, has been used with very favorable results. I might say that tMs service is very worthwhile and very much appreciated by station FHAD. We shall be more than glad to receive and use any plays you may care to send us. " w are very sorry that re haven’t any plays to submit ourselves. However, re have one dealing with the life of Christopher Columbus and entitled ’His One Com¬ mand.’ Copies of this play will be sent to you shortly. "Thank you again for your courtesy in supplying these plays." From Mr. TT . C. Palmer, Director of Publications, North Dakota agricultural College, Fargo, we quote from copy of letter sent Mr. R. C. Higgy of Ohio State University: