NAEB Newsletter (May 1935)

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NAEB-May-*-“2* support this rapidly developing agency for spreading education to the masses out¬ side the colleges and universities. "With the support that we are hoping to have from President Weeks and his many friends, KUSD*may be able to secure from the authorities at Washington more adequato facilities, of either a more satisfactory wave channel or permission to use more power, or even both combined. We have never yet been allowed facilities adequate to our needs,. "As on previous occasions, a very enjoyable, cooperative auto trip was organized to go to Columbus early this month. On the first lap of the trip, tho Director of KUSD drove alone from Vermillion to Ames. Then at Ames the Director and the Chief Operator of WOI joined the party. At Iowa City, tho Director of WSUI was added and at Urbana the Director of WILL completed the party. AN AUCTION? From tho letters that have been received recently by the executive secretary of the NAEB, it would seem that a nation-wide auction is being held to secure the fall convention of tho Associo.tion. Bids have been received from hotels in all sections of the country offering everything from auditoriums seating 7,500 people to one hundred-fifty miles of beautiful mountain trails. From Florida comes an offer from "the city where dreams come true, whore one may enjoy healthful outdoor sport and every form of recreation and dazzling night life." A letter from Los Angeles assures, "delightful weather in a country of endless charm and beauty." Colorado offers, "a desirable grouping under one roof away from tho distractions of a city—with golf and tennis, swimming and horseback riding." Washington, "the real geographical as well as the educational center of the nation" makes a bid. However, tho majority of members who have expressed an opinion believe that the fall meeting should be held at a member institution, if possible, or in some centrally located city. Invitations have been extended by the University of Iowa, the University of Illinois, the University of Kentucky, the University of Wisconsin, and Iowa State College. St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago have also been discussed RADIO MUSIC FESTIVAL An interesting educational broadcast was the Second Radio Music Festival broadcast by the Wisconsin School of the Air on May 11. All children in the Wisconsin schools who had learned to sing the songs taught by Professor E. B. Gordon in his weekly "Journeys in Music Land" broadcasts were invited to take part. Five hundred children gathered for tho event last year. This year several times that many participated. A rehearsal was hold in the morning, and in the afternoon the mass chorus broadcast for an hour over the state stations. A new feature this year was the rhythm band broadcast. Governor Phillip F. LaFollette of Wisconsin was a special guest during the festival and broadcast. EXTENSION DIVISION RADIO CLASS From the Evening Californian, a semi-monthly publication of the University of California Extension Division, comes the following item's