NAEB Newsletter (March 20, 1937)

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- 2 - 1957 MEMBERSHIP REPOR T In addition to the fourteen paid up 1937 memberships recorded in the February News Letter, five more stations have been added to the list, Treasurer Brackett reports. They are: KFKU University of Kansas WRUF University of Florida KOAC Oregon Agricultural College KWSC Washington State College WCAL St. Olaf College Another report will be made in the April News Letter. SHORT FLASHES FROM THE FIELD KUSD - University of South Dakota . A forward step is reported here: Under the supervision of Dr. B.B. Brackett, director of radio and Dr. W. H. Jordan, head of the department of physics and chief radio operator, the new trans¬ mitter for KUSD has been completed and is now broadcasting regular programs for the University of South Dakota. The station has been off the air since November IS, 1936, while this work has been in progress. The plans for this transmitter were worked out in detail by Robert E. Rawlins, student.from,Pierre. S,.D. diate direction of Rawlins, Construction work has been carried out under the imme- assisted by NYA students. While economy has been necessary, only the very best material has been used, and much shopping about has been done to secure the best material and parts that could be found for the prices paid. All outside construction work was according to definite specifications, and exact production required. The completed transmitter is a beautiful piece of work. If purchased assembled it would have cost well over $6000.00. Mth much of the l$bor not charged to the radio station, we fcave spent only about $<.000.00. The equipment now not only meets the present .requirements of the F.C.C.; but we believe, anticipates future requirements of the Commission and future developments desired by our own people. With a fine new studio and with new microphones and new speech control and mixing equipment, we expect to be able to put on the air broadcasts of great fidelity and excellent quality. The regular schedule for the present will be two full hours each week day, ex¬ cept Saturday, with the Sunday broadcasts not yet fully determined. Cleveland College , Western Reserve University . A new series of programs, "Biology; Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" is reported by Mrs. Grazella P. Shepherd. Done by Dr. J. Paul Vesscher, of the biology department, the broadcasts deal with spontaneous generation, heredity, photosynthesis, evolution, and environment.• They are heard over WHK, Cleveland. WNAD, University of Oklahoma . A clipping from Oklahoma* s "Sooner Magazine" for February does a neat bit of publicity for MAD. Two pages are devoted to the student¬ training phase of the station’s activity. The article "WNAD’s Graduates Are Making Good", by Homer Heck, gives information and pictures of the station’s former student workers. It is an impressive story of the vocational training value of student radio activities.