NAEB Newsletter (Oct 1941)

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NAEB NEWS LETTER -7- OCTOBER I, 1941 NATIONALITIES, AS WELL-AS THEIR ENTERTAINMENT PREFERENCES WILL BE INTEGRATED INTO THE CONTINUITY OF THE SERIES* KENTUCKY TRAINING INSTITUTE In conjunction with the University of Kentucky, the Kentucky W.P.Ao Recre¬ ation Project, held its second annual Training Institute in Radio Production for Recreation on the University campus, September 2-6* In the five-day course advanced production techniques were covered. Director of the Raoio. Institute was Ben Russak, State Specialist in Radio, Drama, and Music for the Kentucky Recreation Project. Assisting were Elmer Sulzer, Director of Radio Activities; Lolo Robinson, Program Supervisor; and Willi am. Yount, Chief Engineer for the U* of K* Radio Station* ROCKY MOUNTAIN RADIO COUNCIL REPORTS A SUMMARY REPORT OF THE WORK OF THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN RADIO COUNCIL FOR THE year, August I, 1940 to July 31, 1941, has just been published. The report WAS PREPARED BY ROBERT Bo HUDSON, DIRECTOR OF THE COUNCIL* If YOU HAVEN*T SEEN A COPY, WRITE HUDSON FOR ONE* STAY TUNED TO THIS STATION (FROM SCHOOL AND SOCIETY ) IT IS A CLICHE OF THE COMMERCIAL BROADCASTER THAT EDUCATORS FLOP AT THE MKKE* COMMER^AL BROADCASTERS KNOW THEIR BUSINESS, AND THEIR OPINION SHOULD NOT BE REJECTED SUMMARILY ON THE GROUND OF SELF-INTEREST. NOR SHOULD THE EDUCATOR SEEK THE EASY ALIBI THAT THE RADIO AUDIENCE PREFERS ENTERTAINMENT TO EDUCATION* There may be some truth in the implication that scholars don't know how to MAKE SCHOLARSHIP PALATABLE TO THE MANY. ThEY HAVE BEEN TRAINED TO TALK TO THE INTELLECTUALLY IMMATURE, AND WHEN THEY WRITE IT IS USUALLY FOR EACH OTHER, IN ACADEMIC JARGON* THIS IS NOT THE BEST PREPARATION FOR EXCELLENCE AT THE MICROPHONE, WHICH UNFAILINGLY RECORDS BOTH SNOBBISHNESS AND OBSECURITY * RADIO LISTENERS ARE NOT LISTENING FOR CREDIT* If OFFENDED OR BORED, THEY SIMPLY TURN THE DIAL* A LITTLE BROADCASTING EXPERIENCE SUGGESTS THE FOLLWlNG PRECEPTS FOR THOSE WHO V’OULD ARREST D I A L-TWI STE RS S I * 2 * 3 * 4* 5* 6 * 7* Be specific* IF A ONE-SYLLABLE A N qLO-SaXON WORB WILL DO, USE IT* Talk picture-making language. Make a recording, and listen to your voice—-you might be surprised* Don't be patronizing* Dullness is the card Remind yoourself that I NG* nal radio sin* radio listeners are individuals, NOT A PUBLIC MEET- FCC ACTIONS W R U F, University of Florida, was granted special authority to operate