NAEB Newsletter (Jan 1943)

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NEWS N A61B cetor NATIONAL ASSOCIATION » EDUCATIONAL BROADCASTERS Prank E. Schooley, Editor, Station WILL, Urbana, Illinois January I, 1943 A N£.V YuARI We hesitate to wish you a Hap^y Ne*- Year, 1 Oh, yes, we want you to HAVE ON!; BUT IF WE*R£ TO HAVE ONE IT MUST COME THROUGH TOIL. V.QRI ano Drive! Let’s do our part on the home front. MORE T1M~ TO SERVE -- THAT’S WNYC Here’s t ie story in the words of M. S. Novik, Director of WNYC: "1943 begins — with WNYC granted permission by the Federal Commun¬ ications Commission to "SERVE 1 * till 10 p.m. daily — as soon as schedule and antennaw changes are made. "This decision by the F.C«C. brings to a successful conclusion four YEARS OF PETITIONS . . . AND COMES AS DIRECT OFFICIAL RECOGNITION OF THE VITAL WAR SERVICES YOUR CITY'S STATION IS RENDERING. "Since the first hour after Pearl Harbor, 48^> of WNYC• s program SCHEDULE HAS BEEN DEVOTED TO THE EXPLANATION, INSTRUCTION AND DIRECTION OF THE CITY’S WAR EFFORT. THE EXTRA HOURS WILL ADD TO OUR REGULAR AUDIENCE THE DAY-WORKERS AND CIVILIAN DEFENSE PERSONNEL AND ACTIVITIES WE ARE NOV UNABLE TO REACH. "The SAME HIGH LEVEL OF WNYC PROGRAMS — BOTH CULTURAL AND tNSTRUrTIVE — WILL BE' THE CONSTANT AIM OF YOUf STATtON. The FINEST CONCERT MUSIC, TALKS, AND ENTERTAINMENT WILL BE HEARD 8Y THE 7|* MILLION PEOPLE OF New York City — who enjoy the full benefits of democracy while STRIVING FOR A JUST AND VICTORIOUS PEACE IN A WORLD OF WAR." "ETHNOLOGY 8SH1ND THE */.A3" OV^R WHAS "The Et;-. jology Behind the War" is the title of a series of six weekly RADIO TALKS TO BE PRESENTED BY Dr . . D. FUNKHOUSER, DEAN OF THE University of Kentucky's Graduate School, over WHAS, Louisville, from the University's studios, stapting Sunday, January 3. Character- I TICS OF THE VARIOUS RACES MAKING THE ALLIES AND THE Ax IS, INCLUD¬ ING THEIR INHERITED PHYSICAL ANO MENTAL CHARACTERISTICS, AS WELL AS