NAEB Newsletter (Mar 1943)

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NEWS NAEB GETTER NATIONAL ASSOCIATION » EDUCATIONAL BROADCASTERS Frank E. Schooley, Editor, Station WILL, Urbana, Illinois March 1, 1943 WORD FROM ENGEL The Executive Secretary has received a letter from Harold Engels retired NAEB president, and there now follows an expurgated editions * No, your truly hasnH fallen off the earth « or been sent to Australia - yetc I have been pretty busy - and have neglected my correspondence - no apologies or excuses* I 0 ve missed the contact with NAEB* Mow is It going? Why not send me a News Letter once in a while - to the above address? You must be carrying on in good shape - with plenty of war-time problems to solve* After finishing an orientation (refresher, they called it) course at Camp Callan, California I was shipped up the coast to Seattle early in January* My first assignment was to a search-light battery in the hills south of the city - a part of the outer circle of defenses* That really was rugged service* I nearly froze to death in that cold spell we had* The Californal- to-Washingt©n contract was hard to take* After that I went up to radar school at Paine Field (and those radio plane detectors are as close as I ve come to ladll)* When I got back from there I was assigned as Special Ser¬ vice Officer for the 313th Regiment CA, and am now stationed in the city of Seattle* This is a very interesting job and the kind of thing I ye w en*®J to do* I handle social events, athletics, recreation, educational activities and morale for the solders* There is never an end to the work, but that helps to keen it interesting* We cover the city from end to end* Before long I®11 know the town and its activities hotter than the natives do*" Harold 0 s address is 1st* L*8* Harold A* Engel, Hg* 212th C«A* (AA), Seattle, Washington* I 0 m sure he 9 d be glad to have a word from you* NAEB MEETS IN COLUMBUS ON MAY 1 Acting NAEB president, Gilbert (Gibbs) Williams, WBAA, has called a meeting of NAEB for the evening of Saturday, May 1, in Columbus, Ohio. *he meeting is scheduled jointly with the Institute for Education by Radio whioh will be held by Ohio State University, April 30 through May 3* It has been suggested that NAEB arrange an additional session, perhaps Saturday afternoon, on the same date and dispense with the annual Fall meeting of NAEB* Matter is being referred to Executive Committee* If you hawa any suggestions, fire away* In the meantim®, Vd suggest you plan on getting to Columbus, especially in view of probably cancellation of our Fall meeting®