NAEB Newsletter (Mar 1943)

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NAEB NEtfS LETTER*.. HERE* 9 MOTHER QUESTION Page 2 March I, 1943 How do you feel abour soap operas? Are you using them on your station? If you have used them, do your listeners like them? Has it improved or lowered quality of your programs? ANOTHER SCRIPT FOR EXCHANGE "Rendezvous with Destiny" a dandy dramatic oroduction written and produced for WNYC, New York City, has been submitted to the NAEB script exchange and is now available* to any or all of our non-commerolal stations* Thanks, Noviko "BOOKS AND AUTHORS" SCRIPTS AVAILABLE The Bock-of-tfce-Honth Club has announoed that it weekly radio script, BOOKS AND AUTHORS, is available without charge- to directors of college and university radio stations and to instructors in courses in radio and speech* BOOKS AND AUTHORS is designed to offer a complete fifteen-minute book program and presents a panorama of news and reviews ol representative new books in varied fields* The script will be sent upon request, and there is no obligation* Those who write In to ask for the script regularly should address thtlT xe^ieetB directly to the Educational Department, Book~of~the«Month Club, 385 Mad¬ ison Avenue, New York City* WQ3U BROADCASTS N&Y3 FOR CHILDREN If you 8 re interested in a different kind of news broadcast, tune in HCSU' Ohio State University, any Thursday at 1*45 Ucra* CWT* You will hear a news broadcast for children — but one which attracts an ever-increasing number of adult listeners* The broadcaster is C«W* Pettegrew, WOSU program direc¬ tor, who had his own son Ronnie in mind when he started the weekly program 18 months ago* Pettegrew gives the younger generation — youngsters of the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades especially — credit for plenty of Intelligence. He wades right into such complicated subjects as manpower, taxes, the India problem, the war budget, women in the war, tactics and j.ogistlcs* The Ohio State broadcaster knows he has a large audience* Recently he made a sisjsgS announcement, buried in the news program, offering a free war mapo In the next few days he received 2300 pieces of mail, many of them multiple requests for sohool classes of 30 or moreraerabers* w JOURNEYS BEHIND THE NE\?3 W ON W H C U WHCU, Cornell, has Inaugurated a weekly 15 -mlnute programfor ln-school It lntfSret; for the younger minds. In simple, undefendable terms,