NAEB Newsletter (Sept 1944)

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NA£8 NEWS LETTER..... . ...PAGE 3.. September I, 1944 81,000; MUCH OF TH!S INCREASE CAN BE ATTRIBUTED TO THE RE— SC HEDULINQ OF PROGRAMS RELEASED ON STANDARD STATIONS ON STATION WBEZ AT A MORE CON¬ VENIENT TIME FOR TEACHERS AND CLASSES. Attendance at lectures arranged with local Chicago service institutions, SUCH AS THE CHICAGO NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM (Field MuSEUm), THE MUSEUM OF Science and Industry, and others which are planned to supplement broad¬ casts, increased from 456 for seven lectures to 1069 for eight lectures. Members of the Radio Council Staff visited 308 Chicago schools and 1 6S schools participated in the Council's second semester evaluation of PROGRAM PROJECT. 564 DIFFERENT EVALUATION REPORTS WERE RECEIVFD ON Council broadcasts, NOV IK WORK AT WNVC PRAISED A CROWD OF 15,000 PERSONS, INCLUDING MAYOR LaGuARDIA AND FOUR FORMER CITY COMMISSIONERS OF PLANT AND STRUCTURES WHO HAD SUPERVISED THE WORKS OF WNYC, or New York City, joined Monday night, August 14, in praising Morris NOV I K, DIRECTOR OF THE MUNICIPAQ BROADCASTING STATION, AT THE FOURTH AND FINAL EVENING OF WNYC's 20tH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION ON THE MaLL IN Central ark. The program featured the symphony orchestra under the DIRECTION OF EDWIN MqArtHUR, WHILE GRACE CaSTAGNETTA, PIANIST, AND EnRIC MaDRIGUERA, VIOLINST, AS SOLOISTS, MaDRIGUERA, VfOLINST, AND HERMAN Neuman, WNYC music director, were guest directors of the symphony orchestra. Mayor La Guardi a stated in a brief speech that WNYC was always at the DISPOSAL OF THE PUBLIC AND THE PUBLIC INTEREST. The OTHER FOUR FORMER CITY OFFICIALS WHO PAID TRIBUTE TO NOV IK FOR THE QUALITY OF THE STAT l ON 8 S PROGRAMS WERE GROVER A. W'HALEN, DIRECTOR OF CQVO; ALBERT GOLDMAN, POST¬ MASTER of New York; William Wirt Mills, president of the Tax Commission: and Frederick J, H, Kracke, Chairman of the City Board of Assessors,-E5 a v*C DA jj LV CBS AIDS RAPIQ TEACHING PROGRAM A T MICHIGAN Dave Owen writes from the campus of the University of Michigan: "Saw Mac's (McCarty's) hurrah about Wisconsin's radio doings. You might be INTERESTED IN WHAT i WAS ABLE TO DO AT MICHIGAN THIS SUMMER, (Of COURSE, WE RE INTERESTED DAVE), Gn FOUR ALTERNATE WEEKS C8S, NEW YORK, SENT OUT HERE TO Ann ARBOR, FIRST: Mr. HaRRY CLARK, STAFF ANNOUNCER; SECOND, Mr. Mortimer Frankel, Associate Editor, Program Writing Department; third, Mr, Charles Monroe, Staff writer; fourth, Mr. Robert Lewis Shayon, Executive Producer-Director. These men lectured to our classes, and produced plays of their own writing over Bob Coleman's WKAR 0 Both the STUDENTS AND THE FACULTY FELT THAT IT WAS A WORTHWHILE EXPERIMENT. WHCU WINS BILLBOARD RURAL JOB CITATION And we quote Billboard: "Third slot among the special citations in the clear channel division went to WHCU, Ithaca, for doing A Rural Job in a Crisp, Commercial Fashion. Most small stations are satisfied if they COVER THEIR OWN CITY AND THE CITIES DIRECTLY AROUND THEM, BUT WHCU PROVED THAT IT WAS PROMOTION-WSSE BY DOING ITS JOB IN EVERY AREA WHERE IT WAS LAYING DOWN A SIGNAL. TIED UP WINDOW DISPLAYS IN 60 STORES IN 27 COMMUNITIES AND PLACED S56 POSTERS PER STORE—WITH EACH POSTER