NAEB Newsletter (Jan 1945)

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NAEB NEWS LETTER Page 6 January I, 1945 EVALUATE EACH BEFORE MAKING ANY COMMITMENTS, Further evidence of the IN IMPROVING ITS PRESENT THE FUTURE, WKAR WANTS SPIRIT IS SHOWN IN THE INTEREST OF MICHIGAN BROADCASTING SERVICE AS W£LL AS PREPARING FULLTIME OPERATION IS GOING OUT TO GET IT, State for Bob is planning Sunday operation, Michigan picture, too. It will probably have its own WIDE NETWORK IN MICHIGAN DEVELOPS, MICHIGAN WILLING CO-OPERATORS, State will be in the FM FM STATION, AND IF A STATE- State will be one of the Well, that's the story as I saw it—about WKAR. ON THE CAMPUS IN E A ST L A NSlNG, Michigan State College, (Editor s Postscripti The third article in the by Treasurer W. I 0 Griffith on WRUF, University LIBERTY SHIP NAMES AFTER FORMER VVNYC ENGINEER SERIES WILL BE WRITTEN of Florida 5 at Gainesville,) WNYC S r^?J^ L,8ERTY Ship S.S. Murray Morr.s Blum, honors the former WNYC ENGINEER WHO HEROICALLY GAVE HIS LIFE LAST DECEMBER TRYtvr rn A DROWNING FRIEND IN THE N 0 RTH A TLANT ,C, SLlS DOWN THE WAYS ll ATLANTA EORGIA LAST MONTH, THE SHIP WAS CHRISTENED BY Mrs, SYLVIA BlUM THE * MOTHER OF THE LATE LIEUTENANT MURRAY BLUM, * ™ E THE S ^ Sc MUK S AY M ° RR,S B *-UM WAS NAMED FOR THE FORMER WNYC Mar F It?me S 1e R rv?ce T ? 0L 0VER YEARS AG0 70 J0,n up '"" ,th the ENGINEER WHO Unites States NOTE TO HARRIED EMPLOYERS Ip you’re interested WHO HAS UNDERSTUDIED I N A WOI 8 A HALF, CONTACT W. I, GRIFFITH, COMPLETELY IN CHARGE OF WOMEN’S REGULAR DIRECTOR, HANDLING THEM DONE IN ADDITION TO HER REGULAR INFORMATION SERVICE OF THE SOWA Woman’s Editor in the person of Mary Burnham, s women’s Program Director for the past year and I r» -'’■*■** * v ‘ < "i- r- MO I T C. M n ”0* Director, Miss Burnham, has been BROADCASTS DURING AN ILLNESS OF THE MOST ADEQUATELY, ThIS RADIO WORK WAS DUTIES AS ASSISTANT EDITOR IN THE ..*r O'.nviu yr int • uva AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION SERVICE. A graduate of the Technical Journalism Department at I ova State, she brings to the microphone a background in both the sciences and home economics, &HE IS A thoroughly competent writer in either newspaper or radio copy AGE0 ABOUT 25 YEARS, HER PERSONALITY AND HER APPEARANCE ARE VERY ATTRACTIVE. Her REASON FOR LEAVING* CONCENTRATION ON RADIO RATHER THAN PRESS IN THE SPECIFIC FIELD OF WOMEN'S PROGRAMS, 1 NO 1 ANA UNIVERSITY HOLDS STATE A£R MEETING The Indiana Chapter of the Association for Education by Radio met for a GENERAL RADIO CONFERENCE ON THE CAMPUS OF INDIANA UNIVERSITY DECEMBER 9, The program, arranged by Harry Skornia, v'as directed along lines of INTEREST TO COLLEGE BROADCASTING AS WELL AS TO PUBLIC SCHOOL UTILIZA¬ TION, Most outstanding among the many features of the full day’s schedule of discussions were the Panel Discussion on "The School’s Role in the Production of Radio Programs, m “The School’s Role in Utilization of Audio Aids,” and “Implications of Frequency Modulation for Education.“