NAEB Newsletter (Mar 1947)

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GOOD-WILL PLUS SERVICE WOSU is setting a pattern which more of us might do well to follow. As the only institution of higher learning in the state which possesses educational broadcasting facilities, it is sharing what it has with its colleagues in the field. In a program "College Cavalcade" twenty-one institutions are cooperating to tell this story. All colleges in the state were invited to participate. The format will be a brief round-up of the week's top news from as many colleges as can be covered in the weekly 15-minute show. The Ohio State University public relations office gathers the material for the broadcast and aids in publicizing the program throughout the state. The "have-not" institutions-as far as radio is concerned-sometimes feel left out and perhaps a bit jealous of the schools which have their own stations. This is a chance to improve relations and an understanding of the job to be done. After all-no one institution has a monopoly on program talent. PROPAGANDA ANALYSIS From long experience they know how to do it! Spokesmen for the "industry" can concoct potions which make the late Herr Goebbels' efforts look puny. A recent speech on censorship-threats by one of them includes these; "The American tenet-un-American approach-alien outcroppings-bombastic individuals-smugly unconcerned." Why not a few lessons in propaganda recognition-as we had it during the war? FACILITIES AND THE FCC WOI-(Ames, Iowa) application granted for special service authorization to operate from 6:00 AM to local sunrise. (Feb.20, 1947) Trustees of Indiana University-(Bloomington, Ind.) Application accepted for CP for new 10 Kw. non-commercial educational station amended to use channel *$220, 91.9 Me. (January 28) Tech. High School-(Dade County, Miami, Fla,) applied for CP for new non¬ commercial educational FM station, 91.9 Me. 250 watts (January 29) Junto, Inc.-(Philadelphia, Pa.) application for new non-commercial educational FM station amended to 90.1 Me. 20 Kw. Accepted for filing (Feb.12, 1947) WIUC-University of Illinois (Urbana, Ill.) applications for CP to change frequency from 42.9 to 91.5 Me. and install new FM transmitter and antenna system. v (Feb. 18,1947) KSUI-University of Iowa (Iowa City, la.) application for modification of CP for new non-commercial educational FM station to install new transmitter and increase power from 1 Kw. to 3 Kw. and make changes in antenna system.(Feb.18,1947) Board of Education-(Toledo, Ohio) applied for new non-commercial educational (_ FM station 250 watt power. WNAD-University of Oklahoma (Norman, Okla.) applied for CP to increase power from 1 Kw. to 5 Kw., DA, and mount FM antenna on tower. Make transmitter and studio changes. (Feb. 20, 1947) WPTL-(Providence, R«I*) application fdr extension of* time for.beginning operations of new non-oommetcial educational FM station. (Feb: 20, 194?;