NAEB Newsletter (Oct 1948)

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N-A-E-B NEWS- LET SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF EDUCATIONAL BROADCASTERS ISSUE Edited by Richard B. Hull, President Station WOI, Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa N0VE1 BER 1, 1943 N-A-E-B DRA‘ T S UP 1949 PLANS AT ANNUAL MEETING OH ILLINOI S U. CAIPUS Officers, regional directors, station managers of the National Association of Edu¬ cational Broadcasters met October 10,11,12 on the University of Illinois campus, home of member station WILL and WIUC and the Institute of Communications Research, to discuss problems, and develop plans for the forthcoming year. Many States Represented The 3-day session, attended by NAEB members and directors from the states of Washington, New York, Alabama, Kentucky, Indiana, Louisiana, Illinois, Iowa, ,0hio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota and South Da-.ota in¬ cluded special representatives from the U, 3, Office of Education and the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, D.C., along with trade representation xrom Associated Program Service, Radio Music Corporation, General Electric Company, the Ohio Institute for Education by Radio and the Rocky Mountain Radio Council* Cottone and Schramm Speak Highlighting the sessions were addresses by Benedict P. Cottone, Chief Counsel xor the FCC and Dr. Wilbur Schramm, Director Institute for Communications Research at the University of Illinois, both of whom addressed the group at its annual dinner. : New Officers 1949 NAEB officers include Richard B.Huil, Iowa State College(WOI) as^president; John Dunn, University of Oklahoma(WNAD) as vice-presidentj and W, I. Griffith, Iowa State College(WOI) as secretary-treasurer. M. S. Novik, New York radio consultant was ro-appointed as executive secretaryj 1949 directors include Seymour Siegel, Municipal Broadcasting System(WNYC); Graydon Ausrnus, University of Alabama(WUOA); Ralph Steetle, Louisiana State Univorsity(WLSU); Harry Skornia, Indiana University (WFIU)j Irving Morrill, University of South Dakota(KUSD)j and James 1 orris, Oregon State College(KOAC). Cohn and Smytho Ap p ointed Marcus Cohn of Corn & Marks, Washington, D.C* was appointed general counsel for NAEB, and Dallas Smythe, former economist with the FCC, now fellow with the Institute for Communications Research at the University of Illinois, as director of studios. JJNo_ Ivory Towe r” Plans for the forth coming year stressed basic job of setting up operation and pro¬ gram standards for member stations, "a descent from thq ivory tower" with stress on competition for audiences and public support. A plan for linking NAEB FM and AN stations first by transcription and later by relay network is now under study. NAEB Objectives Basic objective of NAEB station activity for the 50 member stations, located in many key population spots in U.S. is to provide, not long-hair programs for a so-called "class audience" but "special service for the general audience." NAEB maintains one-third of the U.S. is not served with special interest programs, pro¬ poses to fill that gap through member station facilities. Vice-President Treasurer Executive Secretary Executive Committee John Dunn W. I. Griffith M. S. Novik Seymour Siegal, WNYC, New York Graydon Ausmus, WUOA-FM, Alabama WNAD, University of Oklahoma WOI 30 Rockefeller Plaza Carl Menzer, WSUI, Iowa Ralph Steetle, WLSO-FM, Louisiana Norman, Oklahoma Ames, Iowa New York, N. Y. Frank E. Schooley, WILL, Illinois William Sener, KUSC-FM, California TER SEPTE1 EER OCTOBER I .SUE