NAEB Newsletter (Oct 1948)

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- 2 - UFIVERSIT Y OF MINNESOTA 'S KUOM BEG INS NEW DOCUMENTARY SERIES KUOM, FAEB outlet at the University of Minnesota, noting the need for better educa¬ tional and documentary material, especially for local sta.tion outlets, and aware of its responsibility has announced two important 13—week series of transcribed puolic service programs for 1943-49. With the full educational and scientific resources of the University at its disposal, KUOM, under the direction of manager Ruth Sv/anson, will offer first a report on current developments in science, education, and agriculture throughout the Gopher state and second, a dramatic presentation of Minnesota’s rich and colorful history as recorded in actual grass-roots accounts by Minnesota pioneers. A wide local- station useage is expected in addition to the KUOM originations. Last February, KUOM supplied 20 1 innesota stations with a series of 15 minute docu¬ mentary programs entitled, ’’The University Reports to the People.” In lay this series won The Billboa r d I agazine Special Award for Public Service_,Br^dcas tin^in their first nationwide An n ual Local Program Competition , ADDITIONS TO KWSC STAFF IN WASHINGTON Frederic Hayward, manager of FAEB station KWSC, Washington State College, announced appointment to the KWSC staff of two new men—Hugh Rundell, radioman from West Virginia joined the station in September as director of sports and special events and Robert Baird, Idaho engineer, became chief engineer for KWSC imOctober, UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATION FOR PROFESSIONAL RADIO EDUCATION (UA~RE) announced plans for setting radio teaching standards in American colleges and universities,.began oper¬ ation with 9 charter member institutions, and blessings of NAB, Emphasis is to _ create professional atmosphere, offer professional level training to radio-minded students, and eliminate racketeering radio schools in U.S. which operate without accreditation. SCHOOL BROADCAST CONFERENCE IN CHICAGO HCFO ED GEO 1GE JENNINGS, PRESIDENT AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR EDUCATION EY RADIO with Annual Award of Merit in Educational Radio. Jennings is director of radio for the Chicago Public Schools, SBC viewed education¬ al radio picture—both in and out of school broadcasting— critically and noted need for realism, improved techniques, necessity of better reaching more people with accurate information re crucial world problems. WHAT IS FM & WHY Strongest FM enthusiasm exists in ’’static filled" South and among AM stations which have poor standard broadcast frequencies. Recurring pattern of doubt re FI is strongest in East, and strongest in network and dominant station circ3-cs—in fact strongest wherever current A1 license .holder has dominant position. Many ’’big” operations frankly admit their interest in FM is a "hedge” interest, and their holding of CP, is to "cover”. Fact remains, despite high-fidelity argument, FM is merely a "different and better"way of doing what AM does. One broadcaster recently confided to FAEB "a fifty-kilowatt station dominates my city market—why should they have FM? On the other hand my own station has a lousy frequency and directional pattern. We have a top FM installation, get a good pattern, better coverage—all we’re waiting for is sets—and we believe they’re coming.”