NAEB Newsletter (Oct 1948)

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- 3 - SEPTEi BER-OCTOBER TRADE TOPICS RADIO I ANUFACTUREk!S PRODUCTION FIGURES BLASTED by FHA executive director, J. N. Bailey, who criticized RMA production figures for the first 7 months of the year. Charges stated Rl'A figures did not release FI-television set production separately fror straight television sets, and pointed out thousands of TV set owners can and do time in FI stations during many hours TV is not on air* FIA STATED THERE ARE NOW 607 C01IERCIAL FK STATIONS ON THE AIR, 22 non-commercial stations, and another 407 FK grants which have been issued by the FCC. During August 28 new FM stations went on the air. HARNESS ca FITTEE IN HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES HOUND UP INVESTIGATION of the FCC with "Scott Decision" as springboard, lashing at Commission’s "airtime for atheists" first on basis of "irreligion" and second for FCC’s alleged failure to be consistent in enforcing rules. Hearing sparked and punctuated by comments of honest critics, cranks, censors, and politicans. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BROADCASTERS QUERIES 1EMBERSHIP ON NEEDS, USES, AND LOCATION of relay bands for A1 , FK, and television, seeking information for UHF study and other hearings before the FCC later in the fall. FCC POSTPONES DATE FOR EQUIP!.ENT TESTS ONE YEAR EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 1949 pending appearance of needed equipment for performance measurements tests for AN & FK sta¬ tions . TELEVISION LEADERS CALI ON FCC TO LAKE EVERY EFFORT to provide more low-band tele¬ vision channels promising at the same time to make every effort to develop UHF area which is expected ultimately to be commercially feasible. RADIO NEWS DIRECTORS PLANS THIRD ANNUAL 1 EETING IN ST. LOUIS WITH TELEVISION news techniques up for major consideration, along with special event handling, facsimile news broadcasting, and general newscasting trends. Meeting November 12-14. TELEPHONE INTERVIEWS FEATURED IN NEW REPORTING TECHNIQUE with growing useage of two way telephone conversations now permitted by FCC. Telephone conversations may now be recorded for broadcast if phone circuit contains warning "beep" signal. AR1 STRONG-PI'A PLEA FOR 44-50 1C. BAND RETENTION TURNED DOWN BY FCC with Commission explaining low-band FM must go in interest of fixed and mobile services and national security. Plea had called for 2-year extension of close-out date from December 1. NBC HOLDS ANNUAL 1EETING AT SUN VALLEY 'HERE NAB CODE IS BLESSED, TV CONSIDERED, WORRIED ABOUT AND APPROVED, AND AN GIVEN A VOTE OF CONFIDENCE FOR A DOUBLE DECADE COLONIAL FI NETWORK, LINKING 5 NEW YORK STATIONS BEGINS OPERATIONS with a daily 1-hour program service from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m*