NAEB Newsletter (Oct 1948)

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STATION KFUO HA S SEDCIAL DEDICATION FOR O CTI 1TG OF N5U RADIO, AJEX Non-commercial station KFUO, owned and operated by the Missouri Synod of the Lutheran Church at Concordia College in St. Louis, No., broadcast special dedica¬ tion ceremonies on completion of the first of five major projects under way. KFUO is now operating two transmitters AM and FM and broadcasting the FI program from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight. Completion of radio annex ends first of strtions ">500,000 expension program. Other phases include development of 1000 watt FI' outlet into 10,000 watts; removal of AN plant from Concordia Seminary campus to new location; power increase for AN station from 5000 to 10,000 watts, increase of broadcasting AN station from daytime to unlimited tire; and erection of a large auditorium studio. RADIO TELESCOPE A T COR NELL UNIVERSITY Cornell University, home of NAEB member station WHCU, is installing an C-ton "radio telescope" 17 feet in diameter with a saucer shaped antenna, similar in design to conventional radar antenna. Designed to capture radio signals from outer space, the equipment is equipped to record and scan high frequency wave for astronomical study'and analysis* Equipment can penetrate cloud layers and is not affected by atmospheric conditions as are contention optical telescopes. RADIO SERVICE AT LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY SKONS .GA IN Louisiana State University, home of WLSU, NAEB outlet in Baton Rouge, can point with pride to results of a radio survey just completed by extension radio editor Gilbert Durbin and Dr. Hitt, professor of rural sociology at the University. Only qualified graduate students were permitted to participate in survey, so entire questioning was on higher professional level than most national polls. Final results of survey will be released shortly. Initial results indicate large listen- ership to university material now carried by almost every station in the state. Of sp e cial intere st i s WL S U. NAEB outlet on the., Lou^^^^ ion of Ralph Steetl e. also direc tor . of NAEB Region JN*:— daily for farm and home broadcasts^.,, radiates Jromjixi. antenna .4 2j>. feet high A ., which puts" a strong signal, into* New .Qrleans..60 miles amy_._ anoth er FM station and r ebroadcas t to. embrace a st il l larger ££®Aa XJI.SU, now a m icro -wave rel ay po ints, like the New Orleans..NN aI.JULJ'ALRURR o ut t he sta te, to pr ovid e, bl anket coverage similar._tcM:he^ • New Orleans is o ne of the leading Ft. cities in the U_._S,.„wtt h more^fchaiLi^QOO^e- ceive rs and en thusiastic FI list ening• 1 FORI: ER~~W3UI FROGRAIf DIRECTOR HONORED UITII MEMOR IAL : The late Pearl Bennet Broxam, former program director of USUI, NAEB outlet at j -the University of Iowa, has been honored by the creation of a special memorial fund under the auspicies of the Iowa Federation of Uomen’s Clubs. The Broxam Memorial Fund will provide annual prizes to outstanding students of radio at the University of Iowa. lrs*. Broxam was a staff member at the university sta¬ tion for 12 years.