NAEB Newsletter (Oct 1948)

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CBS GETS ROSEBOUL TV EXCLUSIVE Un d er a contract signed, w ith the. T our name nt_of^ Hoses.„Assocj.aM casting Syste m h as_ exclusive televis ion rights for a ll .corososiQ HL.. -533S L play-by-play for t he next 3 years. NAB SAYS n GIVBAUA YS n NOT ILLEGAL In a brief filed with the FCC in late September, the National Association of Broadcasters, challenged authority of the FCC to regulate speciiic programs or to say what broadcasting violates criminal law, NBC'S CODE OF PRACTICE BMS "GIVEAWAYS" At the Su n Valley m eeting of Nationa l Broadcasting code was a nnounced. Covering all provisions of the,.roc pn t.. i NAB__st pndardSj 8 —thf. code bans any give-away programs a ft er January 1, I949 a..^ decided the case . 1.33 PREDICTS "GIVEAWAYS" TI ILL DISAPPEAR FR01~THE AIR Edgar Kobak, president of JAitual Broadcasting Company, predicts most "giveaway” programs will soon disappear from the air. At an Atlanta conference he told^ newsmen many of these programs aro already beginning to lose their appeal, ^obak centered his criticisms on shows which, as he put it, "buy an audience.” JUSTIN KELLER SINGS AN OLD SONG AT SEAT TLE. Spea king to a group of„Seattle businessmen in early S epte mber,,, Justin ijller, president of thrNatT o^l A^7ciation of Broadcasters , says., the. FCC,.e^rc isog^a da ngerous " contr ol over th e broadc tast ing industry. Hg_.stated.tjie. verx. t hc^FCC was a dangerous step towa rd governme nt encroa chment .of^hg^Congtitution 1 ^ basic right s of freedo m. FIRS T CHICAGO TV NETUORK PROG BAI'. AIRB£ September saw first airing of commercial TV network shows from Chicago, Hook-up includes stations in Chicago, Milwaukee, Buffalo and Cleveland. TV RES EARC H DI RECT OR SAYS. CQ1 F3TITIVE NATIONAL T V SERVICE POSSIB LE Dr. Thomas Goldsmith of the Dumont Laboratories told the FCC that use of the so-called UFH band (475-390 megacycles) would provide almost 70 new tele¬ vision changes, a.nd urged the FCC to open those channels for commercial tele¬ vision. If this wore done, Goldsmith said, TV stations would become available to many now cities, smaller communities cou3.d receive service for the first time, and TV networks would become economically practical. Testimony was part of FCC’s current study to see if present 12 TV channels are adequate.