NAEB Newsletter (Oct 1948)

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FREDERIC HAYWA RD RESIG NS Frederic Hayward, manager of* KWSC, NAEB outlet at Washington State College, ^re¬ signed his position early in October, Hayward is widely known in the Pacific Northwest and recognized throughout the country as one of the most progressive and able educational station directors, A widely experienced radioman, Hayward came to KWSC in 1946 and brought the station from comparative obscurity into a national 'prominence with training, public relations, programming, end engineering. He has made no announcement of future plans. WNYC PROVIDES C0I PL5TE COVERAGE OF PARIS UN MCETING in P aris 7 The general sessio ns as well as imp ortant su b-cpmriMQQ-igp^4l^^MoJb£"‘ ing, carried in their entirety whenever sche duled. _WNYC b roadc8,st the sessionS-ViO: the c ont inuo us circuit_ linkin g t he Unite d Natio ns. .J^GpdQuar th^ParTs ErocoedingLSj.. thro ugh an arra ngem ent with, RCA and NBC._„Dinging, .this -peri od," TJNYCWs regula rly s^hedialed local ur ograms we re aired,, over,. iO£L~IL• UP I-FI ; C ONSTRUCTION P ROCEE D S AT IONA STATE CPU DUPLICATION Station WOI, NAEB outlet at Iowa State College, is proceeding rapidly with con¬ struction of new FT facilities, and plans to be on the air with a complete schedule of programs sometime after the first of the year, WOI-Fh will broadcast on Channel 211 with an ERP of 15,600 watts using a supporting towor 520 feet high. Engineering calculations indicate rural coverage area for the FIX outlet will be 12,500 square mil-s embracing a population of 600,347, W0I-FN program plans call for a broadcast schedule completely independent oi the WOI schedule. Officials foel special programming, not otherwise obtainable, will be greater motivation in FM set" purchase. The 11 Iowa Radio Audience Survey” indicated in.1 larch, 1948 that between"? and 8 percent of Iowa radio homes are FI-equipped. Figure currently is thought to bo much larger with 24 FI. stations now on the air or soon to bo on the air. WOI—FI I construction elans e mbrac e a throe—cart,, .plan.,_noTfj iya^s n^ ttor_ I^ use^s being construe tod J miles from present studio site, The.Jf;^^s uoporting^ structure, 520 feet in hei r,lit is also. designed to s erve as the AN an dJ:he_^upporUng structure*for TV. Studio-tr ansm it ter connectio n will,bo by radio relay link. Station will bo Colli ns-OQUiowcd throughout with exceptio n,of..G^^rcOJIectric radio "l ink. International Towor a nd Derrick C om pany is construc ting the new tower. ILIIN0IS BE T.I TEIEPEOKE COKPA FY PREDICTS CR OSS COUNTR Y TVJIgT Illinois Bell Tolephono Company says a TV network, made up of channels in 1 cities, connecting Chicago, St. Louis, Nilwaukoo, Toledo, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Now York will bo in operation by Decomber. Part of the link is now connected. TV shows will bo sont by coaxial cable throughout the system except for tho Tolcdo-Detroit leg and tho Chicago-Milwaukoc log where transmission will be by radio relay.