NAEB Newsletter (Oct 1948)

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-10- IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE MICROWAVES? The Federal Communications Commission has approved an experiment in paging doctors by radio. A How York firm, Tclanscrphonc, Inc., was authorized to build a radio station for broad casting code numbers assigned to doctors. Physicians would carry smc.ll radio receivers. Code number wouldbc repeated until doctor answered the telephone. CBS TRY3 IT11W TYPE OF FOOTBALL COVERAGE Wnvnmbo-p 1 T found CBS tryin g..ajthroozhfflaiose^^ called the "F^otbn.11 R oundup 11 . T^mon ty-nine^-Jo r ,,,f o o tb a l l games . iii lL^IQF2T.^ cither bv~di r q ct~ pick-up, associ ation‘wire reports. Show ! s idea is to., omphashighlj^^^ top games, ins to ed of single game BOSTO N UNIVERSITY OFFERS ON-JOB TRAINING Field work with stations in and around Boston will augment classwork thiu fai an winter for radio students at Boston University. ArrangoTOrts have boon completed with 7 stations. Professor Should, radio division director stated, ,.nd yPP ro ^ matoly 45 senior and graduate students will spend a two-week training period with these stations. Covering all phases of station operations, procedures will vary in separate stations, Basically students will apprenticeship in various depart! onts. S^tions will report on each station’s work. nntj nnnPNN/.TI Wi STATION IN WASHINGTON^ D^C. A new FN station . WCFI i the air in the nation’ which wi n invite "bad : talk” fror li3t cncrs_tes_takcrtto . " Cinidod bv a listener's council. Q iq30..ct.gi_ to guide end criti cize ^tT ^~^icvT station'wi ll vet reaTtions_.f^jUL°mffiMations nhllanthr ' op iB oduc atipnal^yeterans^,labo r and religious gr o u ps. Amo ng them are associations which 3 yoSES .JiffiL£te^ rind’ of them arc cooperativcs_in_tho_J : io,ld , of .f o od jjTSalth ins ;ga n^o_^^e3-.5gi- 1 ;—> g ^^iTarNrcd irNiTon s ar'd own s ent about AO.000 perso ns, in. 1 embers of the same cooperatives hold r.& irt^0jeM£on^^ out sta nding shares of preferred sto ck• Station win not bo onoratod for nr o f it J _othor_than_a. .Ijcr ccnt cumnlr.tlyo . d iyi- earnings will bo^low 20 a°jll nto station operati on. Station"-president is C. E dward Bohroi_station manager .isjujl. hern. HAB AMD "VOICE 07 DBTOCRACY" DISKS The National Association of Broadcasters announced it has distributed five minute- discs on democracy as models for high school students competing m second annual "Voice of Democracy" contest during National Radio cole, November 14 to 20. Film star James Stewart, NAB president Justin filler, Junior Chamber of Commerce president Paul Bagwell, and former Commissioner of Education, John Studobakcr will appear in the now discs. ^3