NAEB Newsletter (Oct 1948)

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-17- PEPORT: El PRY UNIVERSITY WORKSHOP (This special report covers initial activities of a new NAEB member station WABB) Station WABE, the new Board of Education FM station, owned and operated jointly by the Atlanta and Fulton County Public Schools, prepared for its opening this fall by holding a radio workshop in connection with the General educational Workshop at Emory University for six weeks, beginning June 14. Under the guidance of Dr. I* Keith Tyler, radio consultant for the Atlanta and Fulton County Schools, about forty teachers from the area met with various ex¬ perts in urogram planning, production, script writing, school radio worksnops,. and radio program utilisation. 1 any of the teachers will take an active par m the operation of the station which is under the direction of hr. .alter Bell, assisted hy hr. Alvin K. Gaines. The workshop brought in as instructors Miss Ola Hiller, Pontiac, i ichi_an, to. direct groups in production; hr. Elmo Ellis, Station WSB, Atlanta, as scrip. in¬ structor; Miss I arguerite Fleming, St. Louis, and 1 r. Edwin . Holman, Station WBOE, Cleveland, to take charge of groups in program planning workshop. Dr. Tvlon end Mr. Gaines initiated teachers in radio program utilization. A. daily orientation session, handled by hr* Floyd h. Baskette of Emory University, brought speakers on various phases of radio from Atlanta’s At. and FI. commercial stations. The entire six weeks radio workshop was set up under the administra¬ tive direction of Dr. John A. Dotson, dean of the School of Education ct, .rory. Mr. Gcorgo Broad of Corpus Christi, Texas, was director of the General education Tho great majority of the educational series lor ciemenuary ana nagu es with which WABE opens up its first year broadcasting were planned by workshop and scripted in part during the months of July and August. — by Edwin F. Holman F Director of Radio Cleveland Board of Education WESTINGHOUSE STRATOVISION PLAN SUPPORTED BEFORE FCC BX NATIONAL BUREAU CF STANDARDS and Cowels Broadcasting Company who also urge hasty development of UHF and opening of bands by FCC FREUQUENCY MODULATION ASSOCIATION HOLDS SECOND ANNUAL MEETING IN CHICAGO with Wayne Coy, FCC Chairman as headline speaker before more than 400 broadcasters, agency men, and manufacturers. "FM”, says Coy, "is in broadcasters hands and holds great potentialities for regional and local service. Storecasting and Transit Radio got a big pitch from FM broadcasters. Dues are raised. Meeting ends on high note. FEDERAL COi I UNICATIONS ORDER PUTS "FREE&I" ON TELEVISION CONSTRUCTION, while announcing studies of UHF, further studies of present TV performance.with back¬ ground of effort to provide sufficient TV channels, protect and service mobile and special service needs, and generally look the situation over before moving on.