NAEB Newsletter (Oct 1948)

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-20~ “THIS IS THE MUNICIPAL BROADCASTING_SYS T^ n Enromrintr is title of annual report. ofTO & thrTfiitv^of How' SST Pre pared by. Sey mour S ^q l^djj octor; a nd . J^ m_I^P^oaga» most dramatic reports of non^commo r cial rad iO_gSSa P . P Tot to aPKj^ } - -A--_. _ -- . -r~ tTito7TorTcTt.v officials and st ill .B:jJ 3 ?lo.jag^^ To secure coyios or further informtion about thi s^rgeoila^^ director IjrYU AKT) IMYC-FIi. i unicipal Buil ding. Now Yprk_City. n UNEERSTATDING 0UR1ELVES" --————-* centers Alabama College for Women, long one of MSB's loading production' has from tire to tiro released an excellent series of brochures covering various sene, of broadcasts# ''Understanding Ourselves", a compilation of psychology broadcasts, previously nmowcod for distribution, has boon temporarily delayed due to —1 pressure institutions publications board. Detailed information may bo obtained from Helen Parrish, radio assistant, Alabama College, hontevallo, Alabama. WBA A OPERATION PORTFOLIO Station WBAA, Purdue University, is recognized as one of NAEB’s most efficiently operated ^ember^stations• At the request of NAEB headquarters WBAA director^ . Jim Miles, prepared a portfolio covering detailed aspects ox iBAA operation from logging to station break policies and procedure* Information on the portfolio may bo obtained from Jim Kilos, director, Station IIBAA, Purdue University, LaFayctto, Indiana, 1to'S~M~C 0Y Olf EDUCATIONAL B ROADCASTING The FCC has given NAEB permission to duplicate and distribute the convocation address of Wayne Coy, Federal Communications Commission Chairman, made at tho Second Annuaf?onforJnco on Radio in Education at Indiana University last summer Tho address is by no means an ordinary spooch- -it_gmb^ l p s the c ar of u l _£M tiTVo u-A t hinking of Ir. C oL -Wit^-?^^ oLou cstin_ called u p by_ pdiien^^nal^ pub lic scrvlcc _arid^» VJhilo it aaaaot. noo o.s snrilv be construed J^o_rCErescnt_ tho. XsffiSiSL- of tho FCC~.'~it is perhang the. Jgst.jj^ sta t pm ont.maao—y— Commission representative, • ■ aT fw onFi-findS it to tilO very uli i'ux uo. q q ~- — r . r —r „ tSSr^dttSSstra t ivo heads of public , a gency. an interest in radio _„biioadcr,stingy NAEB will distribute c^i^^^cjL. mcmber J _ a aj iU ha P^ "aT^yrTTn'T rue st to non-members, T-JOI, Ames, I owa